Spanish Soccer Hero Andrés Iniesta Honored With Small Penis On Statue

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Since statues are all the rage these days let’s take a look at what Spain is doing with a statue of soccer hero Andrés Iniesta, considered to be one of the best players of his generation. That statue is supposed to debut in Iniesta’s hometown in 2021 — with pants — and is a mirror image of Iniesta scoring the 2010 World Cup-winning goal.

You’d think the artist would give Iniesta a massive hog, but there just might be an artistic reason behind Iniesta being honored with a small dong. This might actually go back to ancient times when a minuscule member was all the rage. Cosmo actually covered the history of small penises on statues back in 2019: So just as in today’s world, “big penises are seen as valuable and manly,” things were completely different back then. “Most evidence points to the fact that small penises were considered better than big ones,” writes Oredsson. 

There’s also a belief that a huge hog during ancient Greek times was associated with foolishness, lust and ugliness. And there you have it. While a modern man might think that Iniesta is being shorted, this small hog might actually be a huge honor to the midfielder.

Here’s a rough Google Translation of what’s going on here:

We now greet Javier Molina, author of the sculpture that will pay tribute to Andrés Iniesta, which will finally open in 2021

?️ “When I make a sculpture I start from the inside out, before the clothes the figure has to be naked”

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