Southern’s ‘Human Jukebox’ Band Gets Death Valley ROCKING By Playing ‘Neck,’ Blows Minds With Historic Performance With LSU

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Geographically, LSU and Southern University are separated by less than eight miles. However, their football teams never played each other until Saturday.

While the game itself was a blowout in the Tigers’ favor, it wasn’t just about the final score. The Baton Rouge-based matchup carried significant historical significance and the bands were at the forefront.

For many HBCUs across the country, the halftime performance is more important than the game. That is certainly the case with Southern’s Human Jukebox Marching Band. And for LSU, the Golden Band from Tigerland is amongst the best in the FBS.

When the two got together on Saturday night, it was special.

Before the game began, the LSU band was jamming out to the musical stylings of Southern.

As the game got underway, the visitors quickly fell behind and never regained the lead.

That didn’t stop the Human Jukebox from absolutely wailing in the stands at LSU.

LSU’s band is no longer allowed to play ‘Neck’ because of an explicit chant attached. That didn’t stop the Human Jukebox (who actually played the song before the Golden Band started doing so) from getting the crowd fired up!

To the delight of home fans, the Jukebox played the famous song.

Tiger fans were up out of their seats getting lit and that was the case all night.

The Mel Waiters track went especially crazy.

When halftime rolled around, LSU football had jumped out to a 51-0 lead. What the Southern marching band did next is insanely impressive.

The Human Jukebox opened their halftime show by displaying the real-time score.

Think about that for a second.

The band, obviously, will not know what the score at halftime is going to be until the clock hits zero. And yet, they can still form the score on the field without hesitation.

Members of the Human Jukebox are prepared to march into any digit formation at all times. Crazy!

For a moment, the Human Jukebox had the field to themselves and put on a show. And shoutout to the Dancing Dolls!!!!!!!!!!

It was monumental.

Shortly thereafter, the Golden Band from Tigerland joined in for a special combined performance. To close out the evening, they showed love to the Baton Rouge area code and played the famous Louisiana-tied song ‘Cupid Shuffle.’

Here is the joint halftime show in full:

HBCU bands, particularly the Human Jukebox, are so awesome. When you combine their greatness with history and one of the best bands on the FBS level, it is truly iconic.

The two bands were having so much fun that they kept playing after the game was over.

What a moment! What a night!

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