Source Tells Dan Patrick USC and James Franklin Have Mutual Interest

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The media have named every current and former football coach who’s still alive as a candidate for the now vacant USC head coaching job. Here is another one: James Franklin, the head football coach of Penn State University.

On Wednesday, Dan Patrick told his producers that a source revealed to him that there is mutual interest between USC and Franklin.

Patrick’s crew then asked whether USC is a definitive upgrade over Penn State right now. That is a  real question now, even though USC fans won’t want to admit it.

From USC’s perspective, Franklin should be among the top choices. Though if Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is available, he’s the pick. Bieniemy is exactly what USC needs. And according to Adam Schefter, league sources believe Bieniemy will emerge as a head coaching candidate for the Trojans.

So who is next? Don’t say Urban Meyer. At least don’t say it on purpose.

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  1. Wouldn’t college be a downgrade for Bieniemy? They keep saying he will be an NFL head coach sooner than later.

    As for Franklin, this is not an upgrade from Penn State. However, its an easier path to the CFB playoff than the Big 10. The bigger problem is USC has obvious internal problems. They can’t keep an AD. Multiple programs have NCAA violations, and the school itself has faced multiple lawsuits over Title IX abuses and other issues. Granted, nobody was molesting boys in the showers like at Penn State, but its not a school with everything under control

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