Sorry, Omicron-bros: South African Docs Say Variant Not That Bad

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Contrary to the media’s hysteria over all the variants of COVID, the feedback on the ground reiterates that each mutation tends to weaken the effects of the virus.

Omicron was flagged as the next devastating wave of COVID that would eventually end up in America. Its supposedly higher transmissibility rate then sent the media heads at MSNBC, CNN and others reaching for their phones to talk with Dr. Anthony Fauci to stir up the panic. 

However, according to an AP report, South African doctors who have studied the new variant’s effects clarify that the Omicron strain is easier to transmit but not as lethal as the original form of COVID or the Delta variant.

The first reported case of Omicron sprung up in South Africa, so doctors there have compiled data and first-hand accounts of Omicron’s effects. They have determined that Omicron produces only mild symptoms.

“[Patients] are able to manage the disease at home. Most have recovered within the 10 to 14-day isolation period,” said Dr. Unben Pillay, who runs his own medical office in Midrand, South Africa.

According to the report, “Only about 30% of those hospitalized with COVID-19 in recent weeks have been seriously ill, less than half the rate as during the first weeks of previous pandemic waves.”

Reasonable leaders throughout the rise of COVID, the Delta variant and Omicron have argued having more people end up with a less lethal version of the virus could help America reach herd immunity without as much risk. 

Natural immunity provides increased protection against breakthrough COVID cases compared to the vaccines, so more natural immunity from a weaker strand of the virus may be a positive development for ending the pandemic.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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