Sorry For Partying: Moms Accused Of Going Wild At High School Dance, Leaving A Surprise On Bathroom Floor

Does your mom even party?

She probably doesn’t party as hard as the moms in one Long Island town that is all fired up over the alleged scene created by some Girls Gone Wild extras who tore up a high school dance, according to a private mom’s Facebook group where accusations of poopy surprises and drunken, drug-induced behavior were flying.

“It was a really nice evening until some moms decided to act like absolute pigs and get stupid drunk, poop on the bathroom floor, do drugs in the restroom, sneak in alcohol and dance inappropriately,” a Facebook post alleged.

Disclaimer: Just for illustration purposes. Not the mom or moms from the Long Island dance / Getty Images

The pissed-off parent wasn’t done ripping on the Panama Beach Spring Break-like behavior.

“Just wow to the disgusting, pitiful moms who conducted themselves that way … I feel bad for their sons. Boys — choose the opposite of what your trash bag mom is,” the poster added.

It wasn’t just the booze and alcohol, combined with the rogue deuces that infuriated fellow parents. There are also allegations that one mom made out with a senior, boys were dancing shirtless and “moms had zero shame.”

This is starting to sound like a Rodney Dangerfield movie.

Ultimately, the night ended with cops showing up because a mom sliced her foot on her high heel and needed to be sent to the hospital.

And you’re telling me there’s no footage of the moms in the restroom doing lines of coke and chugging vodka? I NEED TO SEE FOOTAGE! ONE OF THEM HAS IT AND I’D BE WILLING TO PAY TO SEE IT. DROP THAT ON ONLYFANS AND I’M SUBSCRIBING.

Before you start thinking that there’s no way moms would get lit up like a roman candle at a high school dance, remember the thousands of stories on the Internet of moms throwing ragers for their kids. This is a good time to remind you of Rachel Lehnardt, the Georgia mom who admitted to her AA sponsor that she allowed her daughter to throw a boozer where the teens were also enjoying some weed to help them unwind from another long week of life.

It was at that party where Lehnardt was accused of having sex in the bathroom with an 18-year-old while naked Twister broke out in her living room. Yes, Rachel is accused of joining in on that as well.

Moms party.



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