Somali Minister Of Sports Issues Apologies After Runner’s Embarrassing Performance Goes Viral

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After video of a runner throwing down the slowest 100-meter performance you will ever see went viral, the Somali Minister of Sports has issued a formal apology.

Additionally, the chairwoman of the nation’s athletics federation was suspended thanks to the incident.

This week, Somali runner Nasra Ali Abukar’s performance at the World University Games in China went viral because it was so embarrassingly bad.

Immediately it was clear that something was up, and sure enough, it was soon revealed that Abukar was the niece of Khadijo Aden Dahir, chairwoman of the Somali Athletics Federation.

Of course, sending one’s niece to an international competition and having it backfire in spectacular fashion is a no-no.

Worse yet, it was an embarrassment for the entire Somali athletic federation.

I mean, would most of us have any idea the World University Games were even happening? Probably not, now we do, and it’s all because Somalia fielded a terrible runner.

Not a good look, and now Dahir is paying for that lapse in judgment (although it probably wasn’t a lapse given the rampant corruption in the country, something OutKick’s Charly Arnolt recently touched on).

Somali Official Issues Apology, Suspends Chairwoman

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Somalia’s apology announced Dahir’s suspension but also included some other revelations.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it revealed that Abukar wasn’t only far from a world-class athlete, it says she wasn’t a runner. Period.

“Nasro Abukar Ali has been identified as not sports person nor a runner,” it reads.

Perhaps worse yet, it also reveals that the Somali University Sports Association, which Abukar was supposedly representing doesn’t exist either. This was confirmed by the Somali National Olympic Committee.

It seems like there’s a neat little bow on this story, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t mind seeing a documentary about this story and how it played out.

Alright, a short documentary.

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