Sofia Vergara Celebrates Her 50th Birthday, Tiger Woods Roasts Justin Thomas & The Garage Beer All-Stars

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American Century Championship report

Let’s start the day with a golf report that isn’t the Put-In-Bay Two-Club Invitational report. I’ll have more on that tomorrow. Today I want to test out Screencaps to see if things will load correctly. I was told Saturday’s post had more trouble on Android and iOS, so we’ll get to work trying to figure out a solution to why that is happening.

In the meantime, let’s get the week rolling with a great story from Screencaps reader Jason R. who had one of those fun moments that goes straight onto the life resume. This is a story you bust out at just the right moment — or wait for one of your friends to request the story.

• Jason R. writes:

Hey Joe. My brother and sister-in-law decided to get us tickets to the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe for my 50th birthday. I’ve always watched on TV and they thought it would be nice to treat me.

It was awesome.

I’m not a ‘rubbing elbows’ guy, but it was a great experience for 3 days of content. First observation was no one hates to play golf on a $275/round 60-day lead time course. 2nd observation was I was way out of my league if it hadn’t been for my brother’s generosity. My 3rd observation was most of these celebrities enjoy it for the most part and are very crowd friendly. After a day and a half camped on #17 (the televised beach hole) I decided to go rogue and venture up the course. I found a spot where 14 tee and 4 tee converged.

I was on the ropes when Rodgers, Steph and Timberlake were about to tee off. Rodgers pulls out cigars for him and his caddy. He starts to dig in his bag. His caddie starts to dig in his bag. No lighter. Aaron has to tee off and I ask his caddie if he needs a lighter. Yes. I toss it to him just trying to be nice. He tees off and stripes it. Then he lights his stogie. The gal next to me yell’s “sign it!” got 300+ pictures/video at this event, but not a single one of Rodgers handing me my lighter and saying “I appreciate you”.

Look at Jason R. getting his photo taken with Screencaps legend Paige Spiranac. The guy leaves Tahoe with his lighter autographed by Aaron Rodgers and a Spiranac moment.

Now one of you go out and beat that.

Indy Daryl has resurfaced

• Daryl writes:

My goodness has it been an insane month or so here in Indy. I took the TNML all star break to heart and didn’t mow that week, and it all seemed to fall apart after that. What I didn’t realize was that the all star break was going to coincide with an incredible run of no rain across the Midwest, which has lead to me mowing both my front and back yards once, yes once, in the last three or so weeks. My lawn is now a cess pool of weeds, brown grass, and then some more weeds! Thanks fully we did get some rain in the last couple of days, so hopefully we are on the mend.

The drought also coincided with a couple of other major milestones: half of our basement is now finished (hooray!) and the blower motor of our HVAC going out over the holiday weekend (boooo!!!). Knowing my limitations, yes I paid for both to be completed.

As for screencaps, I haven’t missed a day and I am continuously amazed at all the “hard things” people are able to accomplish. The retaining wall for the pool? Incredible. The pool house? Stunning. I never tire of hearing about or seeing how hard work and a long persistence in the same direction pays off. Truly a delight to read.

I hope the Put-In-Bay two club tourney was a great success and I look forward to putting that into the PTO schedule next year! Have a great Sunday night

I asked for random photos of life around your town and you guys keep delivering

• JT writes:

Here’s a little hometown gem from my neck of the woods. These were some teenagers feeling their oats on a Sunday morning joyride somewhere east of Apple Creek, OH.

Cheers to all!

A report from the ‘Upper Left’ of America

• Ron M. in Lake Oswego, OR writes:

Post 4th of July we are taking a family trip to the top of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Touring Pt. Townsend (where Ft. Worden is located and was the film site of An Officer and a Gentleman); Sequim (pronounced “Skwim”); and Pt. Angeles (high speed ferry gateway to Canada).

We always try to find one cool “local group” sponsored place to eat a meal.  This Sunday it was the Sequim VFW Post (over 100 years old) for breakfast (every Sunday 9:30 to Noon w/ a rotating menu). “Mexican” omelettes, hash browns, toast, and coffee or juice for $7/EA. It was a great way to start our day in the Lavender Capitol of America.

There is still a lot of patriotism in the USA even out here. It is great when it is on the main drag.

Oh yeah we were at the John Wayne Marina watching folks crab yesterday. 

Man I love this Country!

And with that, let’s get the day started. Like I said, it’s time to work through some Screencaps loading issues, so I’m not going to go nuts this morning crushing this post.

Time to see if we have a clean edition.

Have a great week!


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