Socialite Who Turned To Sex Work & Selling Drugs To Fuel Her $1,000 A Day Cocaine Habit Sentenced To Prison

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Alexandra Moss was sentenced to just under two years in prison on Friday for dealing drugs. The 27-year-old socialite from Sydney, Australia got into dealing drugs, and sex work, to fuel her own $1,000 a day cocaine habit.

The granddaughter of fashion icon Sandra Moss, who founded Pretty Girl Fashion, was busted after police tapped into her phone and uncovered pictures of her posing with large bags of cannabis, cocaine, and cartons of GHB.

Alexandra Moss Socialite Drug Dealer
Australian socialite sentenced to prison for selling drugs (Image Credit: via NY Post)

That wasn’t all police allegedly found on Alexandra’s phone. There were also messages discussing everything from storing drugs to selling them.

While in court on Friday, Alexandra revealed the extent of her cocaine habit. She told the NSW District Court that she was dealing drugs because of her “incredibly bad (cocaine) habit.” And by incredibly bad she meant a habit that cost her between $700 and $1000 a day.

Alexandra had dealt an estimated 500g of cocaine, as well as other drugs, between December 2020 and April 2021. Her activity was well documented on her phone making the work of the police very easy. There were a lot of pictures and videos of her with drugs uncovered during their investigation.

The dealing of the drugs was only part of her problem. She turned to sex work while selling drugs because it paid in cash. Cash that she says she made a lot of, claiming that pictures found on her phone showing her with large amounts of cash were actually from her sex work, not selling drugs.

This Socialite’s Drug Dealer Days Are Behind Her

Alexandra told the court on Friday that her arrest was a wake-up call. She added that if she wasn’t arrested when she was that she might have overdosed.

“I believe because I was in such a drug state, my state of mind was not where it is today,” she said. “I believe if I didn’t get captured that day, I would have overdosed.”

Alexandra Moss Socialite Sex Worker
Alexandra Moss busted selling drugs to fuel her own habit (Image Credit: via NY Post)

Getting busted for selling drugs while also putting in hours as a sex worker is one hell of a wake-up call. But Alexandra isn’t going to sit back and wait for her release just to kick her feet up and relax on grandma’s money.

That’s what I would do, but it turns out she’s a better person than I am. After putting in several months in rehab, Alexandra started studying criminology. Her plan is to help others stay away from the mistakes she made.

So she made a few mistakes. Instead of using grandma’s connections to get into the fashion industry she got caught up in sex and drugs. Who among us hasn’t made a few mistakes?

She’ll do her time and come out a better socialite. With a lot of stories to tell.

Written by Sean Joseph

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