Social Media Influencer Spent $11k To Look Like Her Boyfriend’s Sex Doll

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Social media influencers spending a ton of money on cosmetic surgery isn’t unheard of. Many of them go under the knife to make “improvements” to their looks. However, having cosmetic surgery done to look more like your significant other’s sex doll is a new one.

Social media influencer Charlotte Grey, who has all of her bases covered across multiple platforms including OnlyFans, recently made some headlines when she bought her boyfriend a sex doll named Delilah.

Charlotte purchased Delilah for her boyfriend because the doll resembled her and the couple was looking to try something new. After some initial jealousy, she revealed in a recent interview that she’s grown to love the doll as much as her boyfriend does.

Charlotte Grey Spent $11k To Look Like Her Boyfriend's Sex Doll
Charlotte and boyfriend Calum Black with sex doll Image Credit: Chatlotte Grey/Instagram

In fact, Charlotte has spent $11,000 to look more like the sex doll. She said of her recent procedures, “I think she’s so pretty and I want to look exactly like her.”

“I’ve had multiple types of filler carried out to look more like her, as well as a nose job. I’ve never had an operation before, so the nose job was quite scary, especially as I woke up and didn’t have a big nose anymore.”

It’s Perfectly Normal To Want To Look Like Your Boyfriend’s Sex Doll

The filler and nose job are just the beginning of what Charlotte has planned. The 23-year-old says the next step is looking into getting a boob job, obviously.

“I’m not too sure how far I’ll take it, but she’s got very big boobs – so this might be next on the cards,” she admitted. “We need to get her fitted for a bra and after that, I’ll look into a boob job, but she’s massive.”

“I’m willing to spend as much as it takes and I think in the end, I’ll feel better about myself and how I look. I’ve always had insecurities, but she’s pushed me to start fixing those.”

As if all of that wasn’t crazy enough, the couple had the initials of the doll, as well as each other, tattooed on themselves. They also believe they’re taking steps to become a “throuple.”

It just goes to show that if you can think it up someone out there is doing it. I know I’ve said it before, but nothing illustrates this point more than someone having cosmetic surgery to look like a sex doll that is also part of a throuple.

Whatever makes you happy, I guess. It’s not my money being blown for someone to become a real life sex doll.

Written by Sean Joseph


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