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I need TNML Opening Day input from the rest of you

Yes, I get that many of you have been mowing for weeks now and that it’s basically Midwestern summer conditions across much of Florida and Arizona. Save the emails, we get it, you live where the rest of us vacation.

For the others, I need a date for the ceremonial Opening Day. The first pull. The first stripes. The first of many Thursdays where you lace ’em up and go to work preparing your property for the weekend.

Guys, the hair on your arms should be standing at full attention even thinking about this topic. We’re BACK!

Hey, where’s Beau in Toledo?

Well, well, well…look who checked in this week. Your jet-fuel, wheelin’ & dealing sun of a gun has been out tilling in the garden.

• Beau writes:

One month until #Spring!! 


It’s so great to have the TNML GOAT back. Feels like old times.

Thank you for the East Palestine suggestions

I’ll head out early tomorrow morning for the 3-hour drive across Ohio to get a sense of what East Palestine is up against once the TV trucks leave town.

What a week it’s been for this very small Ohio village on the Pennsylvania border. Last night, the mayor went on Fox News to tear into Joe Biden over his visit to Ukraine on Presidents Day.

Yeah, but that’s predictable,” lib lib Judd F. & his buddy in California would argue.

It turns out the mayor and Rosie O’Donnell are on the same team over this subject. “Nothing’s being done about it,” O’Donnell railed Friday while recording a TikTok video.

She wasn’t done.

“I’ve been reading all the news about this horrible train derailment and chemical spill – toxic poisoning – in Ohio. Fish dying, chickens dying and animals getting sick and people getting sick, and then the EPA comes out with a very non-alarmist ‘Everything’s okay. Don’t worry about a thing’ statement, and it’s infuriating.”

“I don’t trust the EPA. I don’t trust them. After 9/11, I don’t know how anyone could.

Their lives [are] ruined… they don’t have anywhere else to go.”

The top EPA guy is back on the ground today. Trump visits Wednesday and Erin Brockovich is scheduled to visit later this week.

• Jeff M. writes:

I live about 40 miles from East Palestine so don’t know if I count as being in the area. As a mid-career chemist with 40-hour HAZWOPER training, I have a perspective on the situation. I don’t want to minimize the terrible situation those people close to the derailment went through.

I can’t imagine leaving my farm for that long. At the same time, though, I fear this is going to be used as an excuse for big brother to burden the chemical industry with even more regulation than we already deal with. Without the chemical industry, life as we know it ceases to exist (for better or worse). Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff we make has very nasty ingredients, and that stuff has to be shipped by rail.

As a general rule, these shipments are exceedingly safe, but when something goes wrong, the consequences are horrific. No good answers on how to fix the situation, but I just hope this doesn’t turn into crucifying the chemical (and rail) industry. That is unless something comes out that this is due to negligence on the shipper’s part, then they should be held accountable.

Wait, Logano won the Daytona 500?

• Pat M. in Vancouver, USA was on the Fox Sports app and look what he found. Pat writes:

Joe, I agree on the rules on Green White Checker need to improve. Even FOX couldn’t figure out who won.

Homer was right?

• James McB. knows a Simpsons reference when he sees one:

Floating tiki bars

• Stuart in Woodbine, Maryland writes:

This is me definitely getting old, but every time I see one of those floating tiki bars on screencaps, all I can think of is where do you go to the bathroom?  Without that question being answered, I don’t think I would ever get on one of those!

Jordan has a point

The Kinsey family made a trip to Costco last night and the box store is already selling pool chlorine, pool noodles, dirt, and all the other staples of spring/early summer.

And just like that, there’s a little pep in the step. Suddenly I’m buying shovels for snow and/or dirt. Mrs. Screencaps is looking at summer clothes for the kids and my brain flutters between an 86″ TV and the massive ferns they’re selling.

Looks like we were ahead of the Instagram algorithm on the Pizza Hut dine-in experience topic from a couple of weeks ago

I dare Yum Brands to throw a few bones at a few different Midwestern Pizza Huts to go retro while they still can.

Reader needs sauna recommendations

• Mike in New Jersey knows he’s about to get straight talk out of the Screencaps community:

Will keep this simple and let the screencaps crew chime in.  I am looking for feedback on infared saunas as I am considering putting one in the man cave.  It seems they have become more popular and I am going to assume there are readers on here who have installed these at home and can let me know if these are worth buying. 

I am looking to see if they actually work like a typical sauna would, is the assembly as easy as it looks, and are they too small for the average-sized grown man to sit in and work up a nice sweat in order to sweat out all those garage beers.  As always thanks for what you do.


Fire away. Let’s see how you guys are incorporating saunas into your houses.

That’s it for a bright, sunny winter day. It’s supposed to be partly sunny and 63 here on Thursday. That doesn’t sound too bad for late February. Guys, I’ve shoveled the driveway ONCE this winter.

Have an incredible day at work or as you enjoy your well-earned retirement. Go give 110% at the beach or at the office where all you can think about is the beach and retirement.


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