So, It Wasn’t Just Your Device That Was Out This Morning

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If you were having some difficulty with your internet this morning, don’t be alarmed. Well, you can be alarmed, but just know that you’re not alone. Quite the opposite, in fact, as a large internet outage affected many.

According to Yahoo Finance on Tuesday morning, major sites such as Amazon, Reddit, Twitter and Twitch were affected, as were news sites such as the New York Times and The Guardian. The culprit? The Fastly content delivery network (CDN), which suffered a “global disruption.”

Hulu, HBO Max, PayPal, Vimeo and Shopify were among some of the several others to also be hit with the disruption, but the issue was only temporary. For anyone wondering about Fastly, here’s what Yahoo has to say about them:

Fastly describes itself as an “edge” network, sitting between users and websites. It includes their content delivery network, image optimization, video and streaming, cloud security, and load balancing services. Much like with Cloudflare, which went down last year, a failure on Fastly can affect enormous areas of the internet.

Hopefully there aren’t anymore issues. Netflix and Venmo can only hold us over for so long, am I right?

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  1. Taking out our entire Internet might be the next kind of terrorist/hacker attack on us. This looked a bit like some sort of test run to see how we respond. Forget nuclear war or viruses, can you imagine what would happen if the Internet went down for a week or two right now? Yikes.

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