Snowhere To Go: Winter Storm Has Thousands Stranded On Virginia Interstate

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If you were planning to take the usual I-95 commute into work, you may want to pull up the Waze app and find an alternate route. Unless of course you prefer to spend 15 hours sitting idle in your Chevy, peeing into an empty Dunkin cup and gnawing on those Teddy Grahams your toddler spilled between the seats weeks ago.

A winter storm that shot through Virginia on Monday has thousands stranded in their cars without gas, food, water, and in some cases, heat. The interstate has since been shut down, and emergency crews are working to assist stranded motorists.

A record 14.1″ of snow throughout the Fredericksburg, VA area is the reason for the closure, which spans 48 miles. The snow caused dozens of accidents, including a crash between multiple trucks which is believed to be the main reason for the stopped traffic.

Some motorists (and their pets) have been stuck on the interstate for more than half a day.

Josh Lederman, of NBC News, and his dog, were amongst those stranded.

“By 7:30 (Monday evening) we were just at a standstill and have been at a standstill ever since,” Lederman tweeted from his car.

“I can see thousands of cars from where I am on the highway on I-95, (who) have been in their cars, overnight, without food, without water. It’s been 26 degrees outside and nobody knows how long we’re going to be here or how we’re going to get out.”

Though the snowstorm has caused an incredible inconvenience for thousands, the Virginia State Police stated on Tuesday morning that very few injuries have been reported and zero deaths. Additionally, rescue crews are handing out food, water and blankets to drivers while attempting to reopen and clear I-95.

“…this experience has been insane,” tweeted Lederman.

Kelly Hannon, a spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Transportation, told NBC Washington: “We are getting to people as soon as we can. We understand the severity of the situation.”

Climbing temperatures, daylight and minimal snowfall should help traffic clear by late afternoon.

And you thought your Monday was bad.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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