Snow Takes Aim At Nashville, Ohio State Likes Harbaugh News & Bills Fan Gets An Incredible Chicken Wing Tattoo

One day you’re going about life and the next minute Officer Laverne Hooks from “Police Academy” passes at age 73

I was having a conversation with my wife recently about the lack of comedy movies coming out of Hollywood and how the humor of life has been yanked out of people. We were watching Christmas Vacation, and I noticed, after not watching the full movie in probably 15-20 years, how each scene has a funny comedy punchline. Where are the great comedy movies these days? Where are the Police Academy movies?  Where are The Naked Gun movies?

The cupboard isn’t completely empty. Yes, we’re getting Coming 2 America at some point here in the first quarter of 2021 and Borat did his thing in 2020, but there’s this feeling that the ability to laugh is being stripped from the human soul. I get it, there are deep subjects going on in the world. But it sure would be nice for people to take a night off here and there to smile at some dumb jokes, like the soft-spoken Officer Laverne Hooks, who died this week, yelling at new police recruits to zip their lips in Police Academy 3: Back in Training. 

Jimmy Kimmel, who once starred in The Man Show, now spends his days completely engrossed in politics so he can then do an entire late show that centers on politics. Day after day after day. A wiki search for The Man Show reveals September 3, 2000 was the only episode of The Man Show that featured political skits, which included “Karl Malone On Being President” and “If A Woman Were President.” Nearly 20 years to the day after that episode aired, Kimmel apologized for playing the part of Karl Malone in blackface. Kimmel went completely woke, and now there’s no going back.

How do we get back to a world where Officer Hooks and her fellow policemen can do comedy? That’s a bigger discussion than the opening monologue of Morning Screencaps. What’s clear is that we have to laugh again because this current path of few laughs is exhausting and miserable for so many in this world.

Remember, it’s OK to laugh now and then. I’m giving you permission.

• Hope you didn’t buy national championship tickets early in the week. The latest get-in price is down to $800, a drop of $400 in the last three days.

• It’s going to be 36 and partly cloudy for Colts-Bills. That’s going to feel like 80 and sunny to those Bills fans in the stands. Shirts will be off. It’s going to be a beautiful sight.

• The owners of the Rio in Las Vegas are brushing off rumors that the resort will end up the home of a MLB franchise for the city. No matter what happens, long live the Rio seafood buffet and the pain you caused after a night of drinking and piles of crab legs dipped in butter.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. There’s a real simple answer as to why there are so few “laugh-out-loud” comedies being produced today: Hollywood is controlled by liberals, and liberals feel that the USA is a terrible place, and doesn’t deserve to laugh. Liberals are generally miserable, humorless people, and they want everyone else to be miserable too.

    I just re-watch old Seinfeld reruns and those great ’70s comedies like Blazing Saddles and Animal House (neither of which would EVER be made today).

  2. As a kid, I would watch the Police Academy movies over and over. Those, and Revenge of the Nerds were probably the two movie franchises that I watched before I was probably allowed to. RIP Officer Hooks!
    And as an adult, one of my first few trips to Vegas I stayed at the Rio, and the All World Buffet (I think Sundays was the big day with the crab legs) was worth the whole trip. It’s a shame what the Rio has turned into.

  3. There’s still a way to produce quality content without letting the woke mob get to you, simply leave them out all together. No Twitter, no Facebook, just produce your content and sell it, the world was better off before we gave a voice to every crybaby douchbag who will never move out of his parent’s basement.

    This site is as close as I get to social media, and it will stay that way. The best thing Outkick has going for it is the $100 buy-in, it keeps “most” of the trolls out. Although one or two has snuck in. Props to the moderators for not allowing them to drag this place down. Respectful disagreement is the American way, trolling is for sad human beings with nothing positive in their lives.

  4. Other classics include summer school, spies like us, and caddyshack, trading places, the golden child. Now all we get are superhero movies with little to no realistic plot.
    I think the humor genre is represented with shows like Schitt’s Creek, which basically makes fun of poor people from small towns, as that is what Hollywood finds funny. As someone who grew up in a small town in America, those people are usually the most happy people in America and rarely have bad days as they could care less how many likes they get as they are out trying to make a living.
    “Stay Gold” Ponyboy

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