Snoop Dogg Loses WWE Belt While On Tour

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Snoop Dogg and the WWE need your help tracking down the Dogg Father’s title belt.

Wait, are you telling me a guy whose entire brand is smoking copious amounts of weed misplaced something?


Snoop Dogg is a big wrestling fan. In fact, his cousin is WWE superstar Sasha Banks.

The iconic rapper got an all-gold WWE title belt courtesy of Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch. They bestowed the honor upon him at the WrestleMania Launch Party at SoFi Stadium in August.

As would be the case for anyone, Snoop wanted people to check out his sweet new belt, but somewhere along the line, it got misplaced.

The WWE just says the belt is missing they didn’t indicate whether it was stolen or if Snoop just forgot where he put it.

The guy likes his weed, and I’m sure he has misplaced his car keys on countless occasions. Still, one does not just misplace a WWE title belt.

I can’t imagine Snoop wandering into the bathroom at some festival he was playing and forgetting his belt in the porta-potty.

No, I think we have a theft on our hands.

Perhaps some sticky-fingered security guard tucked it under their yellow windbreaker and walked away.

Hopefully, now that the word is out that Snoop’s belt is missing when and if someone tries to fence it or sell it to a pawn shop, someone goes “wait, isn’t his Snoop Dogg’s belt?”

Thankfully, I’m pretty sure that Snoop has plenty of loud gold jewelry to make up for his missing WWE belt.

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