‘SNL’ Finally, Sort of Hits President Biden

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SNL spent seasons mocking Donald Trump’s presidency, providing Alec Baldwin a third or fourth career revival in the process. Since January 20, 2021, however, NBC’s weekly satire program has been less politically focused.

Last night, SNL brought back President Joe Biden (portrayed by Alex Moffat) to sort of, kind of poke fun at the president. You will see why I empathize “sort of” and “kind of” below:

While funny, SNL mostly dipped its toes in the water, choosing not to risk alienating an NBC viewer.

What’s disappointing is that SNL had so much — so much — material to work with from Biden’s press conference.

Biden’s bizarre mid-rant “anyway” writes itself. That could have been a full segment. Calling current GOP ideas “Jim [insert any big bird]” would’ve also been a hilarious hit.

How did a skit refusing to call on Fox News’ Peter Doocy not make the cut?

The notes, reporters’ pictures, softball questions, and Biden’s “120 years” in the Senate were other golden opportunities to hit, but predictably missed. Instead, SNL shoved Biden into a mid-show segment called “Kamala,” of which the president wasn’t even the focus.

While SNL’s Weekend Update did better, mocking Biden’s cheat sheet and plans to run in 2024, the Trump and Bush years proved the best content comes when the president is portrayed, not discussed.

Political satire can be brilliant. Subjectively, it’s the funniest humor we have, whether the target is Republican and Democratic. It represents the best of our country, knowing most other countries would never dare attempt such content. Unfortunately, shows like SNL play a partisan game, only harshly mocking the one side.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. SNL is a shell of its former self. Urban based comedy is incapable of mocking Democrats, even when they’re in power, for fear of backlash from their peers & Twitter mobs. The SNL franchise is on comedic life support; it’s time to wrap up the franchise, IMO. Today, it is little more than partisan propaganda that Mussolini or Castro would be proud of.

  2. I’m sure some leftist snowflakes got their panties in a twist even over this week tea. SNL has not been culturally relevant for close to 20 years. Satire of Biden does write itself. Jim Crow – Jim Dodo, running for re-election in fill in the blank….1996, 2100, falling down stairs, calling people dog-faced pony soldier Jim Eagles. Whatever.

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