Smiling Orangutan Grabs Tourists Boobs At Thailand Zoo

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A smiling orangutan has established himself as a boob man after grabbing a tourists boobs at a Thailand zoo.

The unnamed and unapologetic mammal took it upon himself to greet a tourist, Angel Orangelor, by grabbing hold of each of her breasts, then smiling. The orangutan secured the goods in mid-August at Bangkok’s Safari World.

Following the mammary moment, the orangutan planted a kiss on the tourist’s cheek.

A gentleman of the jungle, no doubt.

(orangutan plants a kiss, c/o The Sun)

The 27-year-old Orangelor didn’t seem to mind the zoo resident’s advances. “The orangutan was just trying to show me some love,” Orangelor told The Sun. “He looked very cute.”

Angel, who traveled to Safari World with a group of friends, continued:

“He didn’t hurt me and he was being friendly.”

No Reason To Go Ape Sh*t

Now relax. There’s no reason to cancel orangutans, zoos, or Safari World. Remember that Orangelor found the zoo experience to be as entertaining as the rest of us did.

It’s common practice for Safari World to allow their zoo visitors to pose for pictures and interact with the orangutans. This is a big reason why tourists visit the friendly — and frisky — Thailand spot.

Thailand zoo orangutan
(Safari World’s orangutan greets Angel Orangelor, c/o The Sun)

“My friends thought it was funny,” said Orangelor. “We had a real bond.”

By no means am I advocating for any males out there to help themselves to a handful of hooters. But, this has to go down as a win for those middle-aged, overly-hairy, dentist-less, males out there. I mean, this awesome ape clearly OutKicked his coverage and came away with a win.

Smiling Orangutan Grabs Tourists Boobs At Thailand Zoo
(Handsy orangutan, c/o The Sun).

Future travelers take note, Bangkok’s Safari World looks like the breast time ever.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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