Skip the Points: Cincinnati Will Beat Louisville

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Cincinnati vs. Louisville, 11 ET

Fenway Park is open for a football game! I don’t care who plays in these games, I always find stadium series games to be more entertaining. I’m not sure that I have a good reason for it. Even if this was in a normal stadium, it could be a good game between two rivals, but this one has a little added flare. I’d watch this one anyway, but I have a play on it and am sharing this with you.

Cincinnati comes into the game with a solid 9-3 record. They did lose their last game against Tulane and it was a close game, but it was also a home game. It wasn’t a game they should’ve lost, and they’ve had to wait a month to get the taste out of their mouth. Their offense has been fairly successful over the year and I think they should be able to run the ball effectively against Louisville. In addition, the Bearcats quarterback, Ben Bryant, has been very strong this season, producing 21 touchdowns and seven interceptions. They are not going to have to face cornerback Kei’Trel Clark who has decided to opt-out of this game and prepare for the NFL draft. Still, Cincinnati won’t have a cake walk as Louisville is a balanced team and has a decent offensive attack.

However, Louisville will be without Malik Cunningham. He didn’t have the most spectacular season I’ve ever seen or something, but that does take away a bit of the dynamic features from the Cardinals offense. So you are down your best player on both sides of the ball and you are still the favorite in the game? I’m not sure that it makes that much sense. Louisville also lost their most recent game, but that was against a talented Kentucky team. I think that the rest of the Louisville defense should be able to at least contend with Cincinnati. I have more questions on how their offense will look. Though, they did have their backup quarterback Brock Domann take over and he played decently against Kentucky.

The only way I can look is towards Cincinnati winning this game. Maybe it is a trap but I’m not taking a team that is missing their starting quarterback and their best cornerback against a team that can throw. If they were playing Army or Navy that wouldn’t matter. But, Bryant has shown he can beat teams with his arm. You want the points, take ’em. For me, I’m grabbing them at +115 on the moneyline.

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Written by David Troy

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