Skip Bayless: Tom Brady Wants to Distance Himself From Trump

Tom Brady celebrated the Bucs’ Super Bowl win with President Joe Biden at the White House this week. When it was his turn to speak, Brady poked fun at former President Donald Trump, saying “about 40 percent of the people still don’t think we won.”

There have been conflicting interpretations of Brady’s comment. Some say it was meaningless. Skip Bayless, meanwhile, is not one of them.

On Thursday, Bayless said that Brady is trying to disassociate himself from Trump.

“I believe Tom Brady has been irritated to the point of being troubled, even haunted by the fact that he was associated with Donald Trump once he won office,” Bayless said on Undisputed.

“Do I think he had fun playing golf with Donald Trump? I do,” Bayless goes on. “But then Donald Trump, or somebody in Trump’s camp asked him, ‘Could you put a MAGA hat in your locker?’ This was well ahead of the 2016 election.”

“He lived to regret it because then he was associated with Donald Trump politically, and Donald Trump became a figure politically that Tom Brady wanted zero to do with,” Bayless said. “So I believe he took this opportunity in the Biden White House to take a shot that will burn whatever bridge was left with Donald Trump.”

You never want to discount that level of drama. However, I don’t think Brady meant much with his joke.

Brady has shown no signs of wanting to comment on politics publicly. All we know about Brady is that he’s focused on football. Oh and he’s rather good at throwing the football. At the White House this week, Brady seemed to be a guy having fun with the president.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. ESPN has monetary problems and they still offered her 5 million? To a person almost everyone goes “Who?” Good grief they dodged a self inflicted bullet wound. Or should I say, another self inflicted bullet wound.

  2. Before other people were doing it, Skip basically proved that there was a market for making millions spouting objectively dumb hot takes.

    As Aaron Rodgers correctly stated – these people don’t even believe half the things they say

  3. Is anyone surprised? Tom.Brady is inside a NFL locker room. MAGA don’t play well in the locker room and his wife told him to get rid of that stupid ass MAGA HAT and act like a normal human being. It’s really very simple. See January 6

  4. The blatant media bias – hiding the Hunter laptop scandal (Twitter and Facebook), burying the Burisma scandal (10% bribe goes to The Big Guy Joe Biden) – rightfully led to a distrust by Trump supporters of the election results since it was so obvious the media was doing everything in their power to rig the game – obvious to Trump supporters, that is. Those who didn’t follow Fox never even knew about the scandals.

    That’s the core root cause of all of this distrust – the majority of the media sacrificed their credibility on the alter of their Trump Derangement Syndrome and now the whole system is being questioned by a large part of the population. Now that the Bad Orange target of the legacy media’s wrath is out of the picture, their ratings have plummeted because even those aligned with their political beliefs believe they cannot be trusted. Enjoy your dismal ratings, Woketards. You reap what you sow. I hope it was worth it giving away your long term credibility for a short term thrill of figuratively punching Orange Man Bad in the nose…

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