Studio Making a Movie About Skip Bayless’ Home Life

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​​The cable television network GAC is making a movie about the life of sports commentator Skip Bayless.

The film is based on his wife Ernestine’s 2019 book called Balls. In the book, Ernestine explains what it takes to live with a “sports-obsessed guy,” one who makes her leave the room if she is “jinxing” a team he is watching on television.

It seems like a fair ask to me.

This week, Bayless responded to a listener who asked him which actor the studio should cast to portray Movie Skip Bayless. Here’s his answer:

“Maybe a less grizzled Kevin Costner, a less crotchety Kevin Costner, maybe a little less weathered Kevin Costner, I would accept,” Bayless specifies.

John Dutton to Skip Bayless would be quite the late-career resurgence for Costner. Or anyone.

As for his wife, Bayless says it has to be Sarah Jessica Parker because of her resemblance to Ernestine.

Despite GAC only airing films on television, I expect this movie to generate buzz. Bayless moves the needle. He is one of the four biggest singular draws in sports media, alongside Pat McAfee, Stephen A. Smith and Colin Cowherd. 

So a film about his home life will draw a reaction from both his supporters and critics. And there are many of both.

Per Bayless, he lives the same life Monday through Friday:

— He wakes up at 2 am local time in Los Angeles.

— Runs on the treadmill for an hour.

— Prepares for his show.

— Runs to the Undisputed set.

— Beats Shannon Sharpe in the debates.

— Goes home and eats chicken and broccoli.

— Lifts weights.

— Then watches sports for the rest of the day.

Every. Single. Day.

Bayless also has notable character traits, such as his signature sigh and pounding of the table. His life is already movie-like.

GAC has not said if it will cast Bayless’ debate partner Shannon Sharpe in the film or focus only on Bayless’ at-home life with his wife.

Cool opportunity for Skip Bayless.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. He is a moron of unparalleled stupidity, whose only memorable attribute is the level of annoyance he brings to any unfortunate witness. Far back in the mists of time, when the Dallas Morning News was foolish enough to pay him, he was known as “Skip Brainless.” His condition has only deteriorated since.

    Will not watch.

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