Skip Bayless Comments on Dak Prescott, Depression Spark Controversy

Thursday morning, Skip Bayless said he didn’t have sympathy for Dak Prescott going public with his depression after his older brother’s suicide.

The segment aired on Undisputed:

Bayless teased the segment before it aired:

Bayless’ comments immediately sparked a reaction from sports media talents, former ESPN colleagues, and athletes expressing their disgust.

#SkipJobless and #FireSkip are now trending nationwide.

Keith Olbermann, most notably, called for Fox to fire Bayless.

Damien Woody who appeared regularly with Bayless on First Take:

Update: Fox Sports sent the following statement about Skip Bayless:


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  1. Skip Bayless is pathetic. All he cares about is ratings. He’ll say anything to get them. But he is so out of touch with reality, so unable to relate to normal people who have a normal conscience, he has no clue how far over the line he just stepped. He just revealed to everyone who he is. When he realizes how bad his commentary was, he’ll issue a “tearful apology”. Hopefully nobody buys into his crocodile tears. Hopefully people stop watching he and Sharp-tongue’s disgusting act.

  2. A perfect example of the negatives when a God complex is administered unto the athletes.

    They have fame, fortune, power, and a huge following because of their athletic skills.

    Wait…depression? You mean these Gods are flawed like the rest of humankind? Unacceptable! Grow up kid! You’re a failure! Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are PERFECT at everything!

    …Granted, I expect a more reasonable take from a man in his 60s, not some ignorant Twitter fanboy in his 20s…

  3. Olberman is on that cancel tip haha.. Bayless is an idiot for this statement but I’m not totally surprised. I don’t think he needs to apologize (as it will seem forced) but he probably will. People have said worse shit but let the free market determine if he needs to go.

  4. I don’t believe everything needs to be put out in the public domain where then it becomes fair game for commentary i believe some private family matters should remain just that private. Having said that Skip really stepped in it this time didn’t really have to go there but he did and me thinks i would not be surprised if we’ve seen last of him. I don’t believe he should be fired or suspended they pay him for his opinions and this one though not very bright is his.

  5. I understand Skip doesn’t want to hear that coming from his quarterback. I would prefer to see my leader 10 foot tall and bulletproof. I know he is not, but the illusion is expedient. It makes you feel safe, and want to run through a wall for him or her. Skip thinks it shows weakness and will have a negative effect on his football team. He may be right. It all depends who is in the locker room and how they individually, and collectively, react to it. I wouldn’t get a good feeling about my leader and our chances as a football team if I knew he was troubled mentally. Am I not entitled to that opinion?
    Just today, Trump was at a rally and responded to the crowd chanting “We love you” by telling them they shouldn’t make him cry because it will damage his image. There is truth to this. America’s enemies, including the left radicals, would ridicule him.

  6. If he still has a job tomorrow, it will be a disgrace. We have been told for over a decade now to open up about depression, not to hide it. Dak does so, and Bayliss shames him back into oblivion. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this disgusted with a human being for being so….condescending.

  7. Does anyone benefit more from the Media Dead Talent Era we’re in than Skip Bayless. Trotting that out everyday with co host Sharpton and then flip over to First Take and you would think smart and interesting went out with high button shoes. Clay and Jason are on the train bound for glory. Funny that the “I’ve had 100 jobs in the Media Dead Talent Era” Olbermann weighed in. Not a more disgusting cretin exists than this loser. Where you at now? Axis cable channel what?

  8. Zero empathy. But, I mean, Skip is essentially a shock jock. He job is to literally say shocking stuff to get a reaction and get himself more attention, good or bad. Why is everyone so surprised that a shock jock said something shocking? That’s exactly what he wanted.

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