Skate With Tony Hawk’s DNA For Only $500

To become the global face of skateboarding, Tony Hawk had to give up blood, sweat and tears. He is now selling one of those for $500.

In collaboration with Liquid Death — an edge-core water brand here to make hydrating cool again — Tony Hawk has vowed to donate a vial of his own blood to create vile designs on a limited number of skateboards.

The exclusive collection of boards are being sold at $500 each and feature artwork painted using a mixture of Tony Hawk’s blood and real paint.

“Liquid Death officially owns my soul,” teased Hawk, in a promotional video released by the company showing the legendary skateboarder getting his blood drawn without a wince.

“It’s very confusing. They’re taking my blood and they’re gonna use it for skateboard graphics,” says Hawk. “They’re gonna mix my blood into the paint and do a limited run of skateboards … “

The King of Kickflips details the process in the video, which also showcases the vial of blood getting mixed into the paint.

Caution: Video is not for the faint of heart

Hemophobics have called the choice questionable, but Liquid Death appears to have found its niche after 100 of the exclusive skateboards quickly sold out upon release.

Watching Tony Hawk’s blood get sucked out of him, essentially for brand clout, had the same eerie feeling as dating a girl that only celebrates Halloween or enjoys theater re-releases of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The promo campaign claims to be raising money for a “good cause” — which in their collective view is building skateparks for impoverished communities and getting rid of “plastic pollution.” Gnarly!

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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