‘Sims’ To Allow Children To Give Characters Transgender ‘Top Surgery’ Scars, Chest Binders

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The children’s video game franchise “Sims” has introduced a new feature. Starting today, a user can give their characters double mastectomy scars and chest binders.

Transgender “top surgery” is now an option from which a gamer can choose.

“Sims” makes surgically removing breasts as simple as changing a hat or a coat. The game treats said surgery like a costume — as do various transgender groups.

But gender-affirming surgeries are not costumes. These surgeries are permanent. And dangerous. They leave patients scared for life, both physically and mentally.

A recent piece in the New York Times documents that the wounds from the procedures are painful and require routine maintenance for life.

As the influential Libs of TikTok account notes, the game sends the message to young girls that chopping off their boobs is okay.

In fact, the update puts the procedure in vogue for impressionable young users.


Parents have met the update with proper outrage. However, the most influential voices are in support of the change.

Video game consoles creator Xbox praised the new feature. “Vadish, we love it!” the official Twitter account for Xbox wrote, alongside a heart emoji. 

“Vadish” means “thank you” in “Simlish,” the made-up language that “Sims” characters use to communicate.

The Microsoft-owned Xbox appears to have been waiting for kids to have the option to give themselves chest scars in a video game.

PlayStation has not addressed the update. But expect the Sony brand to also approve.

Sims character.

See, no mainstream brand will oppose a change that purports to support the LGBT community. And that’s unfortunate. These messages are more crucial than Left vs. Right.

Industry leaders are openly persuading kids — who are not theirs — that these dangerous, traumatizing surgeries are normal; that they are safe.

Perhaps Nintendo will further the trend by next allowing even younger kids to slash off the boobs of Princess Daisy and let her a grow a beard.

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