Signs Identify Florida School Board Candidates Who Voted To Put Kids In Masks

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Anyone who voted for Florida school children to be masked up, and is now running for school board, is being called out by the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida.

How so?

Well, we’ve all seen the yard signs telling you to “Vote for (fill in the blank) for (fill the blank) school board!” Obviously, these signs can be seen nationwide.

But in Florida, those signs have a partner. As in a second sign that points to their candidacy announcement and reads “Voted to mask your child.” The word “mask,” by the way, is big and bold and in bright red letters. Same goes for the arrow.

Republic National Hispanic Assembly of Florida twitter
Republic National Hispanic Assembly of Florida twitter

“Just a heads up for those running for School Board in the State of Florida. If you voted to mask our kids we are putting these signs right next to your political signs so that parents can make their informed decisions!” the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida tweeted.

The RNHAFL speaks the truth. This move truly does inform Florida voters. This way, those who want their kids to wear masks in the classroom can make an educated choice. Ditto for those who don’t want their kids in masks. And we always hear the celebrities demanding that we make “informed” votes. Well, there ya go.

OutKick founder Clay Travis, for one, is very much in favor of the signs. “This should happen nationwide,” he tweeted.



Written by Sam Amico

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  1. That is a tremendous service to the Florida voter. Great idea. We need to do this for midterm elections as well. That’s when both parties will hope voters all will have amnesia about what MOST of them did to us the last two years over Covid restrictions, running inflation through the roof, approving a lunatic SCOTUS nominee in the Senate, and continuing to refuse to do anything to stop the invasion at our border. Don’t forget, do your homework, and clean house where applicable.

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