Should John Elway Move on From Drew Lock?

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Before the season, Drew Lock was among the players projected to break out. Though Lock has had strong games, his overall season has been, to use a word, a disappointment. (His play, not his dancing.)

Lock’s mechanics have regressed, contributing to 13 interceptions and just 14 touchdowns. Surrounding talent is not the problem. Lock has solid players both behind and in front of him.

Broncos GM John Elway is not giving up hope though. He remains high on Lock’s future, choosing to see his positives over his negatives.

“He’s gone through his reads better and dumped some things off and continued to use the experience to get better,” Elway says. “Obviously, the inconsistency, that comes with being young, especially if you’re young and you’ve got young guys around you, like we do. It seems like when they all don’t play well, they do it together. Again, we’ve just got to work on the consistency. And I think that Drew’s had an up-and-down year, but we still like what we see in him and still think that he’s got a chance to be a very good quarterback in this league.”

In the offseason, the Broncos will have options. Currently, they are slated to draft 13th overall in a strong QB class. There are also several QBs already in the league who may become available.

Mel Kiper has discussed the possibility that the Lions will move on from Matt Stafford. Insert Stafford onto this Denver team, and it’s likely a playoff team.

Should the Jets draft Justin Fields second overall, Sam Darnold will also likely move on. In the right system, Darnold could rebound. Elway knows this from facing Derek Carr twice a year.

Finally, Carson Wentz will reportedly push for a trade if Jalen Hurts remains the Eagles starter. Ryan Tannehill’s improvement in Tennessee changed the market value of seemingly damaged QBs. Could Wentz be Ryan Tannehill 2.0 in Denver?

The expected wild QB carousel should have many teams besides Denver pondering their future.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Perhaps the Broncos should move on from John Elway. If it wasn’t for Peyton Manning who was already a proven NFL QB…Elway’s legacy has been mostly a dumpster fire.

    • I understand what you are saying. But if Elway wasn’t in Denver at that time, would Manning have considered Denver or gone to another team that gets more press? Neither one of us can really answer that. Elway (and other people in the organization) has been off on drafting QBs. Joseph was not a great head coaching hire (will likely be a head coach again this year). But Fox and Kubiak were good hires. I think the verdict on Fangio is still out being that this is his second year and he did not have a training camp to work with the new players. Top draft picks have been pretty good the last 3 years too. Too early to decide on this years rookies, however the top 4 are all starting. 2019 was Fant and Risner, 2018 was Chubb and Sutton. 2017 was Bolles whos taken time to develop but has emerged as a top lineman this year. I say all this to say, its easy to pick the bad things but look at the good things and then throw the ownership turmoil into the fold and I ask, would someone else (currently available) have done a better job?

  2. As a Bronco fan, I would welcome the idea of Wentz or Stafford. I think this team has good weapons for them, and when Sutton is back, it could be a top 10 offense with either QB. The Defense is looking pretty good too (without Von), so if the offense could do something it could be a solid team.

    If those QBs are not in play, then I think we should ride another up and down (mostly down) roller-coaster season with Lock. Let the kid have an actual training camp as the number one QB and see what he can do. If its still looking the same after next season then its time to move on.

    Either option lets Denver pick a top player this year in a need position instead of spending another 1st rounder on a QB. Which if you look at the previous years of top non-QB picks, Denver has actually done a pretty good job. (2020: Jeudy, Hamler, Ojemudia, Cushenberry. 2019: Fant, Risner. 2018: Chubb, Sutton.)

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