Shoplifting Attempt Gone Wrong After The Getaway Driver Forgets To Unlock The Door Before Driving Off

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All criminals aren’t created equally. Some are better at planning out their crime and executing said plan once the crime is put in motion. This is an example of a poorly executed plan.

A video that has surfaced on social media shows a woman with as much clothing as she can carry attempting to enter the backseat of a parked car. Things take a turn when the car drives off without the shoplifter.

Shoplifting Attempt Gone Wrong
Getaway driver forgets to unlock door before driving off (Image Credit: Clown World/Twitter)

The person watching it all go down catches the shoplifter’s failed attempts to open the door by pulling on the door’s handle. They quickly turn to show the front of a Hibbett Sports store. That’s presumably the store the thief was able to lift the armful of apparel from.

By the time the camera returns to capture the getaway, the driver of the car is fleeing the scene. And doing so without the shoplifter or any of the stolen merchandise. They either forgot how to work the door, somehow thought their partner in crime had jumped in, or panicked.

Whichever scenario actually played out doesn’t really matter. What matters is the getaway driver left the shoplifter standing in the parking lot with a bunch of stolen items as the police roll up to the scene.

Our brilliant criminal then takes off on foot in an attempt to escape. Despite her head start on the officer, she caught a short time later and the camera was rolling as she was placed in handcuffs.

As Far As Shoplifting Gone Wrong Goes This Is Just About As Bad As It Gets

That getaway driver isn’t getting a Christmas card this year from the shoplifter. They’re likely not receiving any stolen goods in the form of presents either.

This is so bad it almost looks staged. How hard is it to unlock a door? Why was the door locked in the first place? You’re the thieves.

The chances someone is going to rob you while you’re committing a robbery of your own have to be astronomically low. Better luck next time.

I suggest working out the whole door locking part of the plan upfront. Specifically call out that it goes door is unlocked, shoplifter and stolen goods are in the car, then door is locked again. After completing these steps, and only after every step is complete, do you drive off.

Written by Sean Joseph

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