Shocker: Taysom Hill Will Start As Saints QB Over Jameis Winston

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Sean Payton has said that Taysom Hill is the quarterback of the future for the Saints, but I don’t think there’s too many people who believed he would stick to that word and play Hill over Jameis Winston against the Falcons on Sunday. Star QB Drew Brees is sidelined with rib and lung injuries.


That qualifies as a whoa. It would’ve been one thing if Taysom Hill were the nominal starter and then Winston wound up taking most of the snaps. This report from ESPN implies that Hill will be the quarterback for New Orleans for the duration of the game.

This game is pretty high stakes, as the Saints and Packers are atop the NFC at 7-2 while the Seahawks are 7-3. The Saints wish to secure home field throughout the playoffs, but they already can’t necessarily control their own destiny because they lost head-to-head to the Packers. They do not have a lot of margin of error to earn the top seed.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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  1. Since Taysom hill is starting against the Falcons and supposed to get all of the snaps do I start Taysom Hill in fantasy football or Joe Burrow against the Redskins? I would love your advice Ryan. Or anyone else who sees this comment.

    • Redskins D is decent and Taysom will get rushing yardage to help his point output so he’d be my pick over Burrow if you can only play him at QB. He’s my Flex since I’m in a MSESPN league and he can be a TE as well.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me. I was surprised when people in the media including Clay were wondering why Jameis came in for Brees vs Taysom last time. It was pretty obvious since Jameis is in the QB room full time and probably ran some reps vs Taysom who plays many positions has a minor set of plays at QB.

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