She Faked Her Own Kidnapping So Her Parents Didn’t Know She Dropped Out Of College

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Do you remember growing up and when you did something wrong or knew you were going to get in trouble by your parents, you tried covering it up and it only made things worst?

Here’s that story… but x1000.

A 23-year-old is definitely going to be grounded after deciding to FAKE HER OWN KIDNAPPING because she didn’t want her parents to know she dropped out of college.

No word on what she was studying but she should definitely pursue a career in drama class. She sure as hell wouldn’t pass criminology that’s for sure.

A former Penn State student faked her kidnapping after she dropped out of school. (Penn Sate University / Getty Images)


Chloe Stein was arrested earlier this week and charged with four misdemeanors including ‘falsely reporting an offense that didn’t occur’ and a ‘false alarm to a public safety agency.’

The supposedly-enrolled Penn State Universally student had last texted her boyfriend saying she was being pulled over by a police officer. After not hearing from her for hours, Chloe’s boyfriend and family reported her missing to authorities. The situation seemed dire, as her family reported that they had found her abandoned vehicle on a side street.

Police say they spent tens of thousands of dollars conducting an initial search for Stein – not to mention the stress it put on her family and boyfriend. However a tip came into police that she was seen at a house less than an hour away from the supposed abduction. Authorities went to the house and found her safely there. The house had belonged to one of her friends.

Despite initially claiming that she had been kidnapped by someone brandishing a firearm and claiming hey were a police officer, authorities began to poke holes in her alibi. After learning that she wasn’t in fact a student for nearly TWO years at Penn State, cops were able to have Stein admit that it was all a hoax.

“i hate rubber neckers, traffic was moving so slow, i was able to get the camera out and take this.”


Authorities say that Chloe faked her kidnapping due to “the fact of not going to school apparently for so long and maybe disappointing people was the reasoning behind it.”

Newsflash – don’t commit crimes people.

We pretty much live in a surveillance state and everything is under the all-knowing watchful eye. It’s really not worth it. I’d highly recommend just reading instead – it’s much funnier than sitting in a jail cell sharing a single metal toilet with a stranger for 3 years.

Chloe is set to appear in court at the end of May. She may realize that if she thought her parents were strict on her, that’s nothing compared to BEING IN JAIL.

But hey – maybe she’ll be able to actually use this time to get that college degree! Remotely, of course.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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