Shawn Davis Ejected For Targeting, Immediately Posts About “BS Call” on Twitter

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Florida safety Shawn Davis was ejected from the game against Ole Miss for targeting, the first ejection of the season for the SEC, he also became the fastest player to tweet after an ejection.

Dude went straight to social media… probably before he took off his pads and grabbed a shower, he grabbed his phone to drop, “THATS A BS CALL”

Now, truth be told, it probably was a BS call.

Ole Miss receiver Dontario Drummond went across the middle and opened up a little for a high pass from Matt Corral, when Davis came into the screen and hit a “defenseless player” — prompting a targeting flag from the officials. The reply below makes it look like a pretty soft call from the angle provided.

Freshman Rashad Torrence took over for Davis following the ejection.

Written by Jaxon Stevens


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  1. Was a crap call. He lowered his head and lead with his shoulder. Their helmets collided since that is where the head be. Above the shoulder. They need to have an intent portion in that rule. Hit happen and the game is so fast helmets can accidentally collide.

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