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I disappeared into the woods of northern Michigan only to reappear and find out the Taliban had themselves a weekend

Yet another Au Sable River (MI) Endurance Trip is in the books, and it was another amazing time filled with pure air, river water that felt warmer than normal, a near hole-in-one for yours truly and nearly three straight days of my phone being turned off. Add it all up, and it was yet another Pure® weekend up north.

Let’s start with the near hole-in-one. No. 2 at Threetops, the Par 3 course at Treetops resort where they used to host a Par 3 Shootout with Phil, Lee Trevino, Fred Couples, Ray Floyd, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Janzen, etc. Nicknamed “Double Cross,” No. 2 has left and right greens that play approximately 139 from the whites (I know, some of you guys only play the tips, I get that you’re pros) and Friday the pin was on the right green.

My shot was heading towards a right-side bunker when it caught a piece of the fringe, shot left, and started rolling, and rolling and rolling to within….9 inches of the cup! For a hack golfer, it nearly brought a tear to my eye. I tapped in and double-bogeyed No. 3. I was back to my normal golf game.

As for the canoe trip, a crew of 14 made the trip this year. I’ve mentioned it before, but this is the trip where I call the wife, tell her I made it and then the phone goes off for 48 hours.

The view off the balcony at the cabin where we stay.

Pure Michigan is undefeated. It’s nearly impossible to head north and come south on I-75 thinking how you’re never going back. It was 80-85 during the day, no humidity, 48 at night, light winds and blue skies for three straight days.

• I received the following report from Patrick C. in NW Ohio:

Outlined against a bright blue sunshine drenched Saturday afternoon in Temperance, Michigan, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore they are known as Famine, Pestilence, Destruction and Death. These are only aliases for this past Saturday they were simply known as Team Screencaps!

Proudly, these four men participated in the annual Andrew Gulch Memorial Golf Outing at Bedford Hills Golf Course. If the field seemed remotely intimidated by their presence, they failed to show it…and rightly so. This band of brothers with amazing golf acumen started out strong but soon fell prey to the abundance of alcohol and inability to capitalize on enough eagle putts thus leaving the foursome far below the leaders with a respectable, but disappointing, -12 under for the day.

Team Screencaps playing from the ladies tee box / via Patrick C.

With our leader safely away at a northern Michigan outpost along the Au Sable River, we took his command to enjoy the day, gamble some money, and to leave our mark along the way. In the end, it was a pleasure to represent Team Screencaps in an outing that not only was for a great cause, but an organization that’s mission is to never forget the name of Andrew Gulch, who passed away from myotonic dystrophy back in 2001. Their efforts to host this annual event continues to raise money to benefit research, send kids to MDA summer camp, and support the MDA Clinic at Toledo Hospital.

A great day was had by all and a reminder of how blessed we are. Thanks again to Joe Kinsey for his generosity and introduction to such a worthwhile cause and event. We look forward to participating again in 2022…and purchase more mulligans!

• Thank you to Patrick and the Screencaps team for representing the brand at the Gulch. Jon was able to round up enough golfers to sell out all 27 holes and set a new tournament record for participation.

• Jim McL. is mad at me for the Top 10 Tailgating list I posted on Thursday.

The fact that you didn’t research enough to see the WVU VTech game happening after a decade, and in Morgantown to boot, is laughable.

Rookie mistake.

• Jim’s right, I screwed up missing out on this game. It sounds like Jim’s never made a mistake.

• Oliver McC. was also triggered over the list:

Hey bud. Saw you said Clemson fans were the most boring fans in CFB. Kinda wondering where you get this notion. Have you ever been to a Clemson FB game? If not, we’d love to have you down and show you what Clemson is all about.

• Actually, what I wrote is that Clemson fans are easily the most boring fanbase of a Top 10 team. I’ll stand by that statement.

• What’s on the schedule this week? Oh, just the most impressive Wiffle ball tournament in the United States. All eyes will be on tiny Wren, OH (pop. 194) starting Friday night where 16 teams will battle it out for the 2021 title. If you’re anywhere close to that town, I highly suggest checking it out. It’s the slice of Americana I have spent the last decade hunting down.

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