Shaq Stinks Up Studio With Rancid Fart, Blames Bad Lasagna

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The fellas in the TNT Studios probably wanted to crack a window or turn on a fan after Shaq unleashed a nasty, lasagna-fueled gasser just before they went on air.

As Ernie Johnson — the consummate professional that he is — was trying to steer the ship back from break, Shaq was busy using his prep sheets to fan away the remnants of his gaseous bowel release.

Probably over toward Barkley, if I had to guess.

“My boy, Slice, got me some bad lasagna,” Shaq said. Ah yes; the “Garfield Special.” That can happen. If he needs some good Italian recommendations so he can steer clear of this again, he should talk to PJ Tucker.

I’m sure he has some favored lasagna spots.

Charles Barkley suggested lighting a fire, but Shaq explained to him why this was quite possibly the worst course of action. At least if they wanted Studio J in Atlanta to remain intact.

“No, the place will blow up,” Shaq said, displaying a thorough understanding of what happens when you mix a flammable gas — in this case, some methane a la Diesel — with an open flame.

When asked if he needed to excuse himself to finish dealing with what he was going through, the legendary NBA big man said that that ship had sailed.

“Nah, too late,” he said. Already went. I went right here in my seat.”

Shaq did drop a “Just playin’ America,” to assure every he had not “Shaq’d” his pants.

However, It was Barkley who got the last laugh.

“It doesn’t smell like it,” he said, with his trademark comedic timing.

Be sure to send good vibes to everyone in that studio and their nostrils.

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