Shaq Gets Called Out By Son For ‘Playing Dirty’

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When you’re listed at 7’1 and a donut under 350 pounds, you don’t need to rely on dad-moves to best your offspring in a driveway game of 1-on-1. But despite his physical stature and Hall of Fame credentials, Shaquille O’Neal still dips into his bag of old man tricks to take down sons Shareef and Shaqir in hoops.

“He plays super dirty. He fouls a lot,” 21-year old Shareef, a 6’10 junior playing at Shaq’s alma mater, LSU told USA Today Sports.

Though Shareef said it’s probably been years since he or his brother Shaqir, who’s 6’7, have shared a court with their old man, he hasn’t forgotten the Diesel’s questionable winning ways.

“If we score on him, he’ll say it’s a travel,” said Shareef, per USA Today. “He’ll say anything. I won, but he wants to say he won because he was playing dirty.”

One day, the younger O’Neals will learn that playing dirty and calling phantom fouls is part of Dad 101. The second you become a father, a delivery room doctor hands your three important items: sterile scissors for cutting the umbilical cord, a Budweiser – because dads drink Bud heavies, light beer is for kids with fake IDs, and a hardcover version of Dad 101, which features tips on how to properly fall asleep in a recliner, pull off dirty basketball moves, especially those using elbows, and of course, how to deliver dad jokes with ease.

When asked whether his 49-year-old father, who won four championships, an MVP award and a spot on the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team, still laces ’em up with his boys, Shareef responded: “He’ll shut the conversation down real quick. He’ll play with us sometimes, but just quick, two possessions and he’ll just stop.’’

Classic dad move. Refuse to establish a predetermined amount of game time. Milk the clock. Grab a quick lead, then call game and retreat to the recliner.

Nothing dirty about that.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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