Shannon Sharpe Sounds Off On People Criticizing Bronny James For Taking White Classmate To Prom

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Fox Sports’ Shannon Sharpe has come to the defense of Bronny James, who was the victim critical comments on social media earlier this month.

Sharpe told TMZ Sports this past week that “people need to get a life,” after Twitter users were upset that James, who is Black, went to prom with a White classmate.

“People would rather you be miserable with someone your own race than you be in love with someone of a different race,” Sharpe said. “It is so utterly ridiculous. People need to get a life.”

James’ every move appears to be in the spotlight, due to being not only LeBron James’ son, but also his status as one of the best high school basketball players in the country. With that kind of attention on him, Sharpe said the best thing he can do is ignore the noise and do what he wants to do.

“Bronny can’t live his life for someone else,” Sharpe said. “He has to live for him. And far too many people live their life for other people.”

Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III sounded off last week on those criticizing James’ decisions in a video posted on Instagram.

“Leave these kids alone,” Griffin III said.

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  1. This lame ass story needs to stop being circulated. Nothing but racist black folks (mostly women) spewing off nonsense about who Bronny chooses to date. If the white girl’s peers or family did the same thing we wouldn’t hear the end of it.

  2. I’m merely reporting here, not speaking from authority. I believe the scrutiny of the Brony situation seems to come from resentment built up in the black community from black women who feel like they’re being slighted and disrespected by black men in general. This isn’t a new topic either. Kyrie Irving talked about this being one of the biggest topics of controversy in the black community back in 2016 and was scrutinized even by Jason Whitlock for saying so. The resentment seems to come from the black community understanding the percentage of black women who are single mothers being disproportionate, then watching such public displays by black men being praised in the media. Resentment has grown. Again, just reporting here, but with that context you can begin to understand how the optics of this cause some problems in the traditional black community, agree or not. This does not primarily appear to be driven by racism in the black community as much as moral outrage. Anyway, a little added context there. This has some layers of complexity.

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