Shania Twain’s Comfortable Being Naked At 57

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It may have taken nearly 60 years, but music superstar Shania Twain is finally comfortable being naked. So much so, that the Grammy award winner posed in the buff for the cover of her new album, Queen of Me. Twain likes the way she looks and is no longer the insecure singer who broke into the music industry in the early ’90s.

“My truth, as I get older, and I wish I had this truth when I was younger, is just to feel less apologetic for how I am, how I look, less affected by other people’s criticism,” Twain said in an interview with TalkShopLive.

After selling more than 100 million records, the songstress decided to let loose with the album cover. That’s something that wasn’t always easy for Twain.

“…I’m saying, well, the heck with that. I didn’t do it when I was younger, so I’m going to do it now,” added Twain. “I’m going to feel and show that I feel comfortable in my own skin.

Twain hasn’t yet released the cover art for her new album – expected out in February – but she has shared a series of pictures from the photo shoot. From the looks of it, one glimpse in the mirror would likely have Shania Twain declaring, Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

Twain Has Five Grammy Awards

It’s been nearly five years since Twain regularly performed on-stage, but she’ll done so next June when she plays the first-ever concert at Nashville’s new GEODIS Park. Opening for Twain will be Breland and Kelsea Ballerini.

Twain’s newfound comfort with being naked coincides with the upcoming concert, her album and a new music video release.

For the steamy snaps, Twain was accompanied by little else other than mud.

“So what I did was, I did a photo session naked with just mud,” said Twain.  “And, trust me, this took courage because I am so not an exhibitionist. It was all about my own message to myself. Just saying, you know, it’s just time to feel comfortable in my own skin and share that with other people and just share those insecurities, shed that skin of insecurity.”

57-year-old Shania Twain poses nude for her new album. Photo c/o SUPPLIED.

She’s A Member Of The Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame

Looking nothing like she’s three years from 60, Twain’s decided that now is the time to embrace her body. ” [I’m] just saying, ‘OK, I’m fine with the way I look, I’m fine aging, I’m fine and comfortable with myself.’ And this was the final step of saying, ‘OK, I can’t just tell people that. I can’t just say it. I’ve got to live it,'” said Twain.

Oh, and don’t surprised if you notice the You’re Still The One singer going braless in the coming months. “…My message is, why should it be offensive just because I’m older,” Twain said after adding that she was “perkier” when going braless in her first music video.

Twain’s first single off of her new album, Waking Up Dreaming, was released in late September and reached #32 on Billboard’s US Digital Song Sales.

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