Shania Twain Busts Out, Hannah Leiner Ready For The Masters, Vince McMahon’s Mustache And Kissing Cousins Shock Internet

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My goodness, everyone woke up today and decided to start the week ANGRY as hell. We have people yelling at each other over Angel Reese — who I’ll admit I didn’t know existed until about 10 hours ago (and neither did you) — people angry at the wokes at the CMT Awards, people angry at Bud Light — and all I wanna talk about is Shania Twain’s boobs and Vince McMahon’s mustache.

Is that too much to ask?

I’d also like to discuss that pesky golf tournament coming up — I think it’s called The Masters? — and maybe talk a little incest (yep, you read it right!), but NO. You all have to be angry and serious — and that’s before a certain former President gets locked up tomorrow.

Should be a fun week!

But you know what? I’m off tomorrow. Today is your Monday, but my Friday. So if I wanna focus less on the gun lecturing at the CMT awards and more on Shania Twain, Lainey Wilson and Carrie Underwood with Travis Kelce, I’m gonna do so.

And if I wanna check in with Hannah Leiner out in Augusta, I’m gonna do that, too!

So pour a shot — actually, pour two because it’s our two-month anniversary! — get all snuggled into that big recliner in the corner of the room, and forget everything you ever knew about Vince McMahon for the next few minutes.

Like Vince’s mustache, we’re about to get weird as hell today and try to diffuse some tension.

Let’s roll.

Shania Twain at CMT.
Shania Twain’s dress had a workout at the CMTs.

Shania Twain impresses people very much

I don’t know that I’ve witnessed such a stunning career revival quite like we’ve seen with Shania Twain over the past few months.

Feel like she sort of fell off the map for a decade after dominating the back half of the 1990s, and then BAM, she’s back and she can’t keep her clothes on.

Seriously — over the past few months it seems like all she does is pose nude and show up to events basically nude.

What a plot twist I did NOT see coming for 2023.

Shania Twain CMT comeback.
Shania Twain has made a comeback for the ages. (Photo by Mick Hutson/Redferns)

Goodness gracious — look at that last picture! The archives tell me that’s from roughly 1999, and here we are over two decades later and Shania’s made a comeback for the ages. Incredible.

And yes, I see Lainey up there, too. Oh don’t you worry, we’re gonna diffuse some tension with Lainey Wilson, too. Be patient.

Hannah Leiner warms up for Masters week with LIV Pro-Am

But first, let’s relax just a bit with OutKick star Hannah Leiner, who warmed up for the Masters week with a little LIV action over the weekend.

And you know what? I have some questions about LIV for those of you who’ve been there in a minute, because it was down in my neck of the woods this weekend and the early reviews were AWFUL.

OK, fine. Hannah first.

Are LIV events really as bad as they say?

OK, now back to the important stuff.

So, I had two buddies go to the Orlando LIV event over the weekend — both first-timers — and the reviews were pretty bad.

Neither of them know each other and both went on separate days, but the complaints were pretty much the same …

The parking appeared to be hilariously bad. I’m talking about people literally parking in a random field where their cars would get stuck because it was just mowed. Nearly happened to one of the guys who went.

The alcohol was weird, according to boots on the ground, because of what I assume are sponsorship deals. Everything is pretty much a $12 knockoff, and the only domestic beers they had were Dylan Mulvaney’s Bud Light and … Stella.

Stella?! What the hell?

Finally … the music. Witnesses tell me the music is loud and it is constant. All day, from sun-up to sundown. It’s supposed to be like a party atmosphere I guess? Frankly, that part seems fine compared to the other two. I can deal with music.

But parking in a random field miles away and being forced to drink either Bud Light or Stella? Whooof.

So, has anyone else gone to a LIV event and experienced the chaos I heard about? Are these two friends full of crap?

Let me know.

Vince McMahon’s mustache just rocked the internet

Before we get to the kissing cousins and more CMT heartthrobs, let’s check in on Vince McMahon!

Vince, how’s it going?

Vince McMahon's mustache shocks world.
Vince McMahon and his mustache have changed the world.

Holy cow! What a Monday surprise!

They talk about the October surprise in politics, well this is the equivalent. Didn’t see it coming, but I’m delighted it’s here.

And yes, I know Screencaps hit on Vince this morning from over the weekend, but when our man goes on TV and looks like THIS on a Monday morning, you have to hit on it. Sorry, those are the rules.

Yes, Vince is talking about WWE and UFC merging, which was announced today and covered by the intrepid Bobby Burack, who can explain the nuts and bolts waaaaaaaay better than I can.

And, hey! He actually did, right here.

My lane is way more about Vince McMahon’s mustache and the internet’s reaction. I know that, and I’m very good with it. Know your worth, folks. I believe Dwight Schrute once famously said that to Jo Bennett, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

If you know, you know.

OK, take it away, Twitter!

TV show Extreme Love is a wild ride

Can’t think of a better way to transition to kissing cousins than that mustache from Vince. Wild.

OK …

Anyone seen this show? It’s on Amazon Prime, and I caught the trailer for it over the weekend completely by accident. It was just one of those things that automatically played while I was busy scrolling Twitter like a loser.

And let me tell you — when I looked up and really focused in on what was happening, my jaw hit the floor.

Incredible. Imagine my surprise Saturday night when I was 10 Busch Lights in and looked up to see a guy making out with a 90-year-old.

I don’t even know which of those above scenes is the most jarring, but any time you say to yourself, ‘You know, the guy in love with the life-size Barbie is the most normal out of all of them,’ you know you’ve found one hell of a show.

Anyway, all of that to get to this … one of the couples (?) featured on the show were a pair of cousins who apparently had been deeply in love since the second grade. Fast-forward a few decades and they finally tied the knot because true love knows no bounds.

Last week, wife Angie sat down for a couple interviews and revealed that her and husband Michael — who actually passed away two years ago — broke the news to their parents (who are brother and sister!) by … dropping a polaroid picture of them making out in the family Facebook group.

From the Daily Mail:

The couple ended up telling their parents about their romance by sharing a picture in their family Facebook group, with Michael saying: ‘They were shocked and horrified.’

Angie said: ‘We got kicked off the family group page.’ (She) added that they ‘took some more polaroids but never showed them to anybody.’ 

Carried Underwood with Travis Kelce, Lainey Wilson is a handful at CMAs

Looks like a wild show. Part of me wants to dive in, the other part is a little scared. I’ll be honest with you, though — my show-well is running pretty dry. I may have no choice here pretty soon, so it may be time to buckle the hell up and get on with it.

OK, let’s wrap this bad boy up by heading back to the CMTs and say hey to one Carrie Underwood and Travis Kelce!

What a duo. What a power couple. No, they’re not together, but my goodness they’d be electric if they were.

PS: wasn’t Travis JUST at an Emmys after-party with Kay Adams, too? Our man gets around. Can’t imagine why!

From Shania Twain to Carrie Underwood to Lainey Wilson, who’s song, Heart Like A Truck, is literally played on every other commercial. Good song, but give it a rest, fellas.

Anyway, Lainey is known for her great voice, great cameos on Yellowstone, and, of course, huge butt. People love them some Lainey Wilson Legs, and she didn’t disappoint Sunday.

Lainey Wilson and Shania Twain.
Lainey Wilson and Shania Twain crushed the CMAs.

A moment I will truly never forget. ❤️🛻 @lukecombs thanks for inviting me on this tour! Can’t wait to do it all again this weekend and every weekend until the end of July. #bellbottomcountry #heartlikeatruck #lukecombs #countrymusic #womeninmusic

♬ original sound – laineywilsonmusic

And on that big, happy note, I’ll let everyone get back to their Mondays.

And if you think your day is bad, I have fleas in the backyard and don’t even have a pet. So, I have a couple hours of raking leaves staring me right in the face.

As Bart Scott once said, ‘Can’t wait!’

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