Shane Beamer Blames Chain Crew Eating A Hot Dog For Struggles Against UNC

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Shane Beamer had a piping hot take after South Carolina lost 31-17 over the weekend to North Carolina.

There was a ton of hype entering the Saturday night matchup. UNC’s QB Drake Maye is a legit phenom and the Gamecocks ended last season with a lot of bright moments. It felt like South Carolina had finally turned a corner, and there was hope things could get off to a hot start in 2023.

That didn’t happen. The Gamecocks looked pedestrian at best and downright awful at other times against the Tar Heels.

The problem? The chain crew was eating a hot dog prior to the second half starting.

South Carolina coach Shane Beamer took a shot at the chain crew after losing to North Carolina. (Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Shane Beamer takes shot at the chain crew after losing to North Carolina.

“Do we have any stats? Anybody? Kind of the story of the whole night. Clock was wrong the whole damn game. We’re trying to kick an onside kick to start the second half and we have to wait on the chain crew because they’re eating a hot dog. That’s the only disappointing thing about tonight,” Beamer told the media after the game.

Yes, the chain crew eating a hot dog was “the only disappointing thing about” getting thoroughly dominated by North Carolina.

Beamer should take a bow for being such a funny guy.

This is a truly hilarious comment from Shane Beamer. Absolutely hysterical. The South Carolina coach by all accounts is a nice guy, but what the hell is he talking about?

The chain crew eating a hot dog was the only thing he didn’t like? Did the chain crew allow Drake Maye to put up an 87.0 QBR and throw a pair of touchdowns? Was it the chain crew that allowed South Carolina to rush for a total of -2 yards? Who was responsible for South Carolina giving up nine sacks? Chain crew or someone else?

Granted, Beamer had a rough night before the press conference even started. He got rag dolled by Mack Brown in wildly disrespectful fashion.

Now, I’m sure seeing the chain gang eating a hot dog is probably frustrating, especially when the team isn’t playing well. However, this is a truly unhinged comment from the South Carolina coach. The chain crew didn’t make more holes in the Gamecocks offensive line than a sieve. Take some accountability before taking shots at the people working the game.

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