Shams vs. Woj Moves to Clay Travis’ Mentions Battlefront

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis ripped ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski after he sent a “fuck you” to U.S. Senator Josh Hawley.

Clay posted the clip online which has collected hundreds of Twitter likes. One like, in particular, was noteworthy. It came from Woj’s arch-rival and former protégé, Shams Charania.


It does appear Shams unliked the tweet after liking it. Did he change his mind on Clay? We will never know.

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  1. How is The Athletic doing? I know a lot of writers jettisoned their employers to supposedly make The Athletic a website of super sports writers. That and the ESPN layoffs. People didn’t think it would work because they wouldn’t pay for the quality. I see they’re still alive.

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