Britney Spears Patches Things Up With Victor Wembanayama, Says ‘Sh** Happens!’

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In a new Instagram post, Britney Spears summed up her hectic last few days as a simple “Sh** Happens!”

After a whirlwind of people trying to figure out what exactly happened, Spears is now admitting that she may have overacted jusssst a bit too much after video evidence shows that she herself was the one that accidentally hit herself in the face.

The bizarre situation occurred on Wednesday night when Spears tried confronting this year’s NBA Draft No. 1 pick Victor Wembanayama in the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas.

By now you all know the story – Spears tried to get Victor’s attention by lightly tapping on his shirt from behind. His security intervened and allegedly hit her in the face, causing her glasses to fall off, leading Spears to file a police report on the incident.

However, after video was posted yesterday that contradicted Spears’ initial Instagram post and showed that when the security guard pushed her hand back it caused her to hit herself, she’s now singing a different tune. (The Las Vegas Police Department agreed – they said that no charges would be filed against the security guard).


“I wasn’t aware of that at the time … all people could hear was me saying f—k you all … which was WAY BETTER THAN HITTING HIM BACK!!!” Spears writes before admitting that her reaction was “priceless,” but also “bad.”

I just want to write and say all good, Britney and no worries – as someone who was a big supporter of the #FreeBritney movement, we still have your back and understand why you were originally upset. And as far as Victor’s security goes, let’s leave the blocking to Victor on the court, shall we?

Spears later went on to claim that she’s never seen a security guard attack someone else and used her previous touring days with NSYNC as an example. “I’ve been working in the industry for years and have been with some of the most famous people in the world. NSYNC at one point were like The Beatles … girls would throw themselves at them everywhere we went … not one time in my life has a security guard ever hit another person!” she wrote.

The “Oops I Did It Again,” singer’s tone in her post suddenly went from an “Oops, my bad!” reaction to something much more serious.

She begins equating her situation and the subsequent public reaction to her traumatic 13-year conservatorship in which her father Jamie Spears essentially held her captive. “I have felt helpless in most situations, Spears began, and my experience in Vegas and my reaction was a cry out on all levels. I will say it !!!” Spears then continues: “I don’t feel like I have been treated as an equal person in this country … of course when I watched the video myself … the people who actually swarmed around me when they heard me get hit made me feel like I mattered !!!”

Britney Spears says that she is moving on after a Las Vegas incident with NBA star Victor Wembanyama. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

In the end, however, Britney says that she’s “still a fan” of Victor which I’m sure after this ordeal he’s totally relieved about. And although Britney was right to be upset after she thought that someone literally hit her – which obviously is never okay no matter who you are, it seems that she is beginning to move on from the situation as she ended her post with, “Shit happens!”

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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