Sex Therapist Making $500k A Year From Hooking Up With Couples Explains Her Job To OutKick’s Charly Arnolt

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Sex therapist Olivia Bentley is like a utility infielder who can play all the positions or the sixth man off the bench who is called upon to inject some energy into the offense.

In an exclusive one-on-one with “OutKick the Morning” host Charly Arnolt, Bentley explained her job and the role she plays when people call on her to sex up their lives in the sack. Olivia isn’t giving locker room pep talks. She’s actually in on the action. She’s a player-coach like Pete Rose was for the Reds in the mid-1980s.


“In a sense it’s wellness,” Bentley says of her job. “What you do for me is therapeutic, that’s why I come to see you,” she says clients tell her. Because it’s a wellness experience, Bentley provides services to law enforcement and war veterans at 25% off.

Bently, who also goes by ‘Fit Bunny’ on Instagram, further explained that quite a bit of the time, it’s couples who are coming to see her.

“Couples book me on anniversaries and birthdays and Valentine’s Day weekend as a celebratory thing. Oftentimes they’re wanting to explore bisexuality. Maybe they married right out of high school and she is bi-curious,” Olivia told Charly. “So they want to have that experience and explore together and they want to utilize me because it’s in a controlled legalized environment.

“Or maybe they have a mental block that they’re working on. It’s not like they’re coming in because there’s drama.”Or maybe they have a mental block that they’re working on. It’s not like they’re coming in because there’s drama.”

While she’d never reveal who exactly is coming through that door for her sex therapy sessions, Bentley, who has a master’s degree in education (and got straight-A’s), does say “they’re really cool people” with amazing life stories.

And business is booming to the tune of $500k a year for Olivia who has spent 15 years in the sex industry.

What advice would Olivia Bentley, the sex therapist, give to married couples looking to spice up their sex lives?

Charly, being the bulldog show host that she is, pressed Bentley for some free advice for those who might be apprehensive about meeting with the sex worker for a pep talk session.

“Role play,” the sex professional said without hesitation. “Role-playing is real popular and cosplay. So get into some fun outfits. Go to the adult store together and get some props and have some fun.”

There you have it.

Not only are you getting incredible sports, pop culture and gambling advice from OutKick, but now you’re getting free advice that could help save your marriage and save you from losing half your 401k to an ex-wife.

Guys, get in touch with Olivia. Tell your wife it’s time for a trip to Vegas to release some energy and save those marriages.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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