Sex Education: Long Island Teacher Caught Browsing Sex Toys During Class

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You’ve heard of substitute teachers fired for being drunk on the job. Now we have a Long Island substitute teacher who was fired after being caught shopping for sex toys by students who recorded it all.

The shopping spree went down behind a desk at Valley Stream High School where the substitute went to work at her desk looking at all sorts of sex toys while giving a lecture on Garett Morgan, who invented the traffic light. In a video obtained by the New York Post, the sub can be seen analyzing a variety of toys on the teacher’s work computer that is linked to a big screen that can be seen by the classroom.

“I am dismayed by the action taken by this substitute teacher, but can assure you that I and the district have taken this matter very seriously and action has been taken,” Valley Stream South Principal Maureen Henry said in an email sent to parents.

The school also announced that the substitute will not be returning.

Substitute teacher searching sex toys class
A New York City substitute teacher was caught doing some shopping / via NY Post

And, because it’s 2022, students were offered counseling if the incident has left them scarred.

“Please know that all students in that class were given an opportunity to speak with their guidance counselor today to discuss their concerns,” the principal added in her not to parents.

Ahh yes, in a day when TikTok can turn a vibrator into an Amazon best-seller, you cannot forget the kids who were completely traumatized by this incident. No way they recover.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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