Serena, Venus Williams’ Dad Says It’s Time To Forgive Will Smith For Slapping Chris Rock With Ridiculous Statement

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Richard Williams, the father of Serena and Venus Williams, believes it’s time we all forgive Will Smith for walking onto the stage during the 2022 Oscars and slapping Chris Rock.

Williams has ties to Smith as the actor played a role portraying him in the film ‘King Richard.’ Smith won Best Actor for his performance in the movie about Serena and Venus’ childhood.


Williams joined ‘Good Morning Britain’ on Monday and spoke about Smith’s slapping of Rock for the very first time.

Not only did he say that “it’s time for everyone to forgive Will Smith,” he made another out-of-touch statement about the actor.

“I think he has done the best thing he needed to do, but I would never be disgusted with Mr. Smith. Matter of fact, I appreciate Mr. Smith,” Williams said. “I don’t see nothing wrong with that,” Williams said of the slap.

Why Richard Williams’ Comments About Will Smith Make No Sense

While Williams saying that it’s time we all just forgive and forget about Smith slapping another man during an awards show is one thing, saying that there’s nothing wrong with what he did is patently absurd.

Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife and Smith responded with violence, violence in a public setting of an awards show being broadcasted globally.

While Williams says he’d never be disgusted with Smith, being disgusted is the exact emotion everyone living in reality felt after seeing the slap.

Richard Williams not seeing anything wrong with Will Smith hitting Chris Rock is ridiculous, and his opinion shouldn’t influence anyone else’s.

Someone needs to let Mr. Williams know that ‘King Richard’ has been released for months now and that he doesn’t have to continue to stand up for Smith.

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