Libs Try to Cancel Washington Mayor in Patriotic T-Shirt

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Next time you’re out at Costco looking for utilities or food for your family, make sure you’re wearing the right clothes. Or else.

Outrage sparked in the small town of Sequim, Washington when a photograph of Mayor William Armacost surfaced on May 3, wearing a seemingly pro-America shirt while out shopping at the local Costco.

The mayor, whose comments on QAnon sparked controversy earlier in the year, is back in the sights of the liberal media after wearing the shirt that read: This is the USA – We Eat Meat – We Drink Beer – We Own Guns – We Speak English – We Love Freedom – If you do not like that get the **** out.

While the mayor voiced regret for wearing the controversial clothing, despite expressing innocuous intentions, it appears that the cancellation is already in the works. “I regret I had the damn shirt on,” commented Armacost, who was taken by surprise after the media’s coverage pounced on the mayor. “I didn’t think about the shirt I had on for a 10-minute run into Costco.”

In the midst of an apology tour, hundreds of people, including residents of Sequim, have reached out to mayor Armacost for support. Whether those hundreds of people agree or disagree with the statements made on the shirt, it appears that those closest to the mayor have expressed understanding even if the media hopes to use this photo op to reach deeper divide in America.

From small towns to metropolitan hot spots, liberal foot soldiers continue to scour the nation for any piece of news willing to turn neighbors on each other. In this instance, it may have sparked more unity than divide in the little town of Sequim.

If any of the statements from the shirt sounded reasonable, or perhaps truthful with a hint of humor added, the media may consider you a QAnon conspirator as well.

Who knew articles of clothing could signify something more sinister …

Guess it depends on which side of the political spectrum controls the narrative.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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    • So there’s an age limit on patriotic shirts now. When did that start. What’s the cut off. I want to make sure I’m ok. My fathers 70 plus and where’s shirts like that. I guess he’s a clown too huh big guy.

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