Seniesa Estrada Records Fastest Knockout In Women’s Boxing History

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Boxing outlets are calling it the fastest knockout in women’s boxing history and it’s clear that 42-year-old Miranda Adkins didn’t see it coming because she stood there and took whatever Seniesa Estrada threw at her Friday night during a Golden Boy promotion at Fantasy Springs Casino.

Adkins entered the match with a 5-0 career record but hadn’t fought since last October so maybe she was a little rusty as Estrada casually strode up and started blasting her in the face with a flurry of punches that ended this fight in seven seconds. Estrada is now 19-0 and might as well fight tonight if she can find an opponent that will play defense and maybe stick with her for a round.

“All the glory to God only 🙏🏻 Went in there and did what I was supposed to do quicker than expected. I’ve been saying that I want those world title fights only, let’s make them happen!!! @goldenboy,” Estrada said on Instagram after the win.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. If Adkins would have gotten hurt the only one to blame for this would have been Golden Boy promotions. They knew this would not be a competitive fight. Seniesa real opponent pulled out last minute with a knee injury. No serious fighter with a career to protect would take this fight on short notice. They should have scratched the fight but they found Adkins. Who is 42 just started fighting at 39 as a tribute to her mother dying of cancer. Her 5-0 was against fighters with no wins, amateurs like herself. It was truly unprofessional to put Adkins in the ring with her, but they wanted Seniesa fighting last night and wanted another win on the books. Adkins showed a warriors spirt just getting in the ring I don’t blame her I blame Golden Boy for not putting the safety of their fighters first.

  2. Wow…and you’re right, Jeffrey…that was like a sanctioned assault considering the back story you mention. Very lucky she didn’t get really hurt…Golden Boy could take a BIG hit for staging this farce.

  3. Rick- Absolutely they should have just scratched the fight but they wanted Seniesa on the big stage. I love Golden Boy boxing but this was just not right. If they couldn’t find a suitable replacement then scratch it. Theres been this undertone that they want more knockouts in women boxing. Then they should make it 3 min rounds not 2 min. They should not throw mismatches out there it hurts the sport.

    Anton- I’m glad you saw that too. She looked scared. I think reality was setting in. If you looked at her in the corner before the bell she was just swaying back and forth. There are a lot of smart people at Golden Boy that failed her as a fighter.

    If you look at the Pro boxing record of every major fighter wikipedia page. You will notice for the first 15 to 20 fights none of those fighters have a wiki page, because they didn’t make it big enough. The first 4 or 5 years of a boxers career is working threw levels of progression. Every promotion knows this. Every promoter knows this. Theres a reason you don’t throw a 5-0 B level fighter into the ring with an 18-0 killer. This just tells me that they know they can’t make money off of Adkins and they never would due to her age, and they simply didn’t care about her. Promotions invest in fighters. They threw her away and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Yeah I saw that video , and couldn’t figure out what i was watching ( didn’t see the fight ). The mismatch was sooo bad it didn’t seem real. Like some one entered a contest to see how long you can survive in the ring with a pro fighter. It’s pretty bad …

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