Senator Recommends ‘Free Hong Kong’ Jerseys, Will Adam Silver Listen?

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The NBA is allowing its players to put social cause statements on their uniforms upon returning. You probably weren’t surprised to find out the list of approved statements didn’t include anything regarding the citizens of Hong Kong, people who the NBA have deemed as less important than its financial interests.

We knew this wouldn’t be included, but can the NBA justify it? Doubt it. But Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is wisely trying to find out.

Hawley sent NBA commissioner Adam Silver a letter asking for answers:

This is great. This is a better in-your-face dunk than any that will take place in the bubble. Silver and the NBA won’t be able to defend this.

Maybe they will just say it’s another “bump in the road” or something? I’m not sure how many of those you get, but.

This past fall exposed the NBA and LeBron James. They are hypocrites. They will not stick to sports, they yell! Unless, of course, it could cost them money.

I addressed LeBron a few months ago:

The NBA isn’t about fixing societal issues, it’s about building its brand and making money. This includes getting retweets and praise from media members paid by Disney to prop the league up as unofficial PR reps.

Imagine if the NBA were to answer Hawley’s five questions truthfully…

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. Good on you, Bobby, for your great tweet!!!
    LBJ: Um…Senator Hawley…we don’t want anyone to be hurt physically, emotionally, spiritually…OR FINANCIALLY. We’d love to speak out, but…you know…

  2. Disney is in trouble and they are supporting the NBA like a Wild West brothel (sp).

    My question:
    “If the NBA Social Justice Warriors have messages on their jersey’s, but there is no one there to see them and no one watches on TV, did the BLM social justice warriors make a sound?”

  3. i just became a vip member. I grew up in the kansas city area. I love jason whitlock for speaking out against stupidity. consider my membership a thank you for being a voice of reason. Clay is not bad either

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