SEC Reportedly Going With 10-Game Conference-Only Football Schedule

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The SEC is rolling with a 10-game conference-only football schedule that kicks off on September 26th, Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated reports:

While Dellenger had reported on this framework earlier in the week, it comes as a bit of a surprise that they are going to completely eliminate non-conference games, when the less-football-obsessed ACC announced on Wednesday they were doing an 11-game slate with one non-conference game.

A few big games are going to be lost in this announcement: LSU vs. Texas, Tennessee vs. Oklahoma, and Louisville vs. Kentucky are three that immediately stand out. We already lost Alabama vs. USC when the Pac-12 opted to go conference-only. [UPDATE: More games being lost include Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, South Carolina vs. Clemson, Mississippi State vs. NC State, Ole Miss vs. Baylor, Florida vs. Florida State, Vanderbilt vs. Kansas State, and Arkansas vs. Notre Dame.]

It’ll be interesting to see how the framework works with the two extra conference games when the decision is finalized, and how they decide to reschedule games that were supposed to be played before September 26th.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. I know Clay has said in the past he doesn’t care if crowds are allowed at these games or not as long as the games happen. However, to me it’s the most important part about returning SEC football in 2020. I think serious damage will be done to programs if they don’t get back to allowing fans in the stands, and I mean significant numbers of fans in the stands. I don’t think the Ohio state approach of 20% capacity is going to fly in the SEC. Texas said they are starting at 50% capacity, so I would think that’s where the SEC will begin as well. I just don’t see how leagues can financially sustain themselves with no ticket revenue or concessions coming in. To me this is the big outstanding question for SEC football, and it appears they are holding out as long as possible before they make any firm Statements on what crowds will look like in a month.

  2. All fans allowed or no games. It’s weird not having fans. I interact with people all day every day since the pandemic.

    These schools and leagues and venues are all worried about liability from an over hyped panic.

    It’s crunch time. SEC conference only works with fans at games. Games without fans looks and feelS like practice. It’s more difficult to play with the distraction of fans and it gives viewers at home a taste of the excitement.

    Without fans, I’ll just go play some beach volleyball or take a hike.

  3. Well. It’s something. It’s a answer. I give credit to all the conferences not tucking their tail and cancelling the season. Of course you would want things just go as normal, but people are weird and irrational right now.

  4. Hey Ryan,
    I think 50% is a good start. Just like the boat with 1,000 lawyers that sunk in the bottom of the lake…a good start!!!
    Just kidding, Clay, I didn’t mean it. It’s Ryan’s fault!!!

  5. As an ACC fan I love the 10 conference game model, my school usually schedules 4 cupcakes per year, eeks out 3 conference wins and gives themselves a pat on the back for making the Bitcoin bowl. Its about time we judge our coaches against legitimate competition.

    I’d be all-in on 10 conference games every year, 1 OOC game, and an 8 team playoff.

  6. The little Uni’s can still be scheduled as the OOC game, but even better the little Uni’s can play other little Uni’s. I love going to FCS and D2 football games. I would much rather see a competitive game than a 64 to 6 beat down. Those Little Uni/Big Uni games are extorting season ticket holders, same way preseason does in the NFL.

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