SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey Takes Shot at Ohio State, Big Ten

We have officially reached that point in the season. You know, the point where coaches, players and even conference commissioners start making their pitch to the College Football Playoff committee.

On Friday, it was Clemson coach Dabo Swinney. Saturday, we saw SEC commissioner Greg Sankey join the party.

During a segment on College GameDay, Sankey went to the defense of one of the league’s contenders, Florida. In doing so, he also took an underlying shot at Ohio State and the Big Ten.

“Florida will have to play eight straight weeks through our championship game,” Sankey said, via “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we have some conferences that aren’t even going to play eight games in their schedule.”

Of course, it isn’t only the Big Ten who will be playing less than eight games. The Pac-12 is also included in the comment, but that conference isn’t in a position for a Playoff spot.

The SEC, on the other hand, is battling it out with Ohio State, the ACC and others in order to get a second team in. That’s why it makes sense that Sankey is putting his foot on the gas here.

“Playing games matters,” he continued. “The Playoff selection committee has said that. We have a chance to demonstrate the excellent football in the Southeastern Conference today. I really didn’t have any pushback from our teams. They’re ready to play and have these opportunities. I think playing games matters.

Candidly, you take the Texas A&M-Florida game. We added that to our schedule when we went from 8 conference games to 10. You take that game away and Florida is undefeated, and Texas A&M only has the loss at Alabama and it’s a different world. So, the question is — are we going to be rewarded for playing games or rewarded for not playing games?”

Whether you want to admit it or not, the man has a point.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Ohio State can’t beat Clemson or Alabama. Notre Dame would be a coin flip.

    What I personally believe the committee needs to consider, is if the current Top 6 all lost their starting QB’s due to Covid 72 hours prior to their game, who would be the most competitive? In my opinion…

    1. Clemson
    2. Alabama
    3. Florida
    4. Notre Dame
    5. Texas A&M
    6. Ohio State

    Justin Fields would’ve been a Heisman candidate, but without Dobkins and Chase Young this year, if Fields goes out, they’ll get rolled by any of the other 5 teams. That has to be considered, especially with Trevor Lawrence earlier this year, as well as Saban and Day.

    2020 adds extra intrigue and diligence, whether folks like it or not.

  2. As seen with LSU upsetting Florida, it demonstrates that the more games you play the bigger risk of losing. Ohio State has no business being considered for a playoff spot having played so few games and against inferior opponents. They’ll get in because the committee is spineless.

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