Which SEC Coach Will Be Fired First?

The guys over at BetOline have a pretty fascinating prop up, which SEC coach will be the first to be fired this season?

Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M) +140
Butch Jones (Tennessee) +140
Gus Malzahn (Auburn) +600
Ed Orgeron (LSU) +800
Derek Mason (Vanderbilt) +1200
Mark Stoops (Kentucky) +1200
Barry Odom (Missouri) +1200
Bret Bielema (Arkansas) +1600
Will Muschamp (South Carolina) +2000
Dan Mullen (Mississippi State) +2500
Jim McElwain (Florida) +4000
Kirby Smart (Georgia) +5000
Nick Saban (Alabama) +5000
The most fascinating aspect of these lines, to me, is Nick Saban. What in the world would Saban have to do to be fired by Alabama? I mean, if Nick Saban was accused of murder, Bama fans would scream to the high heavens that he was innocent until proven guilty, right?
Short of showing up at a submachine gun at Chick fil A and just mowing people down in Tuscaloosa, I’m not sure what Saban could do to lose his job.
If I had to take one of these guys, I’d take Ed Orgeron at 8-1. Are you telling me if Coach O. goes 8-4 in his first year and Chip Kelly is out there waiting to be hired that LSU isn’t going to kick Coach O. to the curb in a heartbeat? I also might take Jim McElwain at 40-1. He’s suspended ten guys for the opener. What if there’s some huge scandal behind all of that?
Come on, it’s the SEC, there’s always a huge scandal looming somewhere.
Think about the payout you could have gotten on Bobby Petrino at Arkansas. Did anyone see that coming? A wrecked motorcycle and a mistress on the recruiting staff? Of course not. What if Hugh Freeze hadn’t had NCAA issues and just got popped with hookers? Hell, what about Mike Price? No way anybody saw him getting fired after a trip to strip clubs before he even started coaching.
“It’s rolling, baby!” is still one of the greatest SEC coach quotes of all time.
Anyway, the value’s always in the unexpected and is anything really unexpected in the SEC?
(Matt Luke isn’t included on this list, by the way. That’s because he’s an interim coach.)

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.