Seahawks Threaten Wife Of Veteran They Once Honored After Husband Wears Jersey In GOP Campaign Ad

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Given the fact the Seahawks play in the city of Seattle, and everything in Seattle has to be woke at all times, the franchise is sticking its nose into political ad campaigns. The Seahawks are specifically upset that veteran Scotty Smiley wore a Seattle Seahawks jersey (which you can barely see) in his wife’s campaign ad.


As you probably guessed, Scotty’s wife, Tiffany Smiley, is a Republican. She’s running for Senate in Washington. The Seahawks apparently can’t have any association with anyone who is not a Democrat. So the team sent Smiley a cease and desist letter over her ‘Game Day’ commercial.

What makes the situation that much more absurd is that the Seahawks honored Scotty Smiley ahead of a home game back in 2014. Smiley, the Army’s first blind active-duty officer, raised the 12th man flag in Seattle prior to kickoff eight years ago and gave him a Seahawks jersey.

Maybe it was all for show?

The Seahawks demanded that the Smiley campaign “immediately cease” due to its “unauthorized commercial use” of copyright material. In this case, the copyright material is the jersey that veteran Scotty Smiley’s wearing.

The retired US Army Ranger is briefly shown in the ad. While it’s clear that he is wearing a Seahawks jersey, the team logo is not seen during his brief appearance. Since the jersey’s logos are blurred in the since re-uploaded ad, Smiley’s campaign complied with the cease and desist.

Seahawks, And Other Seattle Brands, Threaten Veteran And Tiffany Smiley

Seattle’s NFL team isn’t the only Seattle-based organization that has asked Smiley to stop using copyrighted material. The Seattle Times and Starbucks have also pressed the GOP candidate for standing in front of an image of a shuttered Starbucks on Capitol Hill.

A headline from The Seattle Times appears on the screen about the now shutdown business.

Smiley’s not taking the cease and desist threats lightly. She’s pointing the finger back at her Democratic opponent, 30-year incumbent Patty Murray. The Seattle Times has endorsed Murray and previously allowed her to use its logo and content during a 2016 re-election campaign.

Kristian Hemphill, Campaign Manager for Smiley for Washington, wrote this in a statement:

“Woke corporations thought they could help Patty Murray by BULLYING Tiffany with senseless legal threats. Their efforts have both failed and backfired. This campaign will continue to hold to account the failures of a three-decade incumbent and offer Washingtonians a path from crisis to hope, just as Tiffany did for Scotty and countless other injured veterans.”

The hypocrisy doesn’t stop with Murray, either.

Tarra Simmons, a Democratic state representative in Washington, can apparently share photos with various Seahawks players without repercussion. Simmons’ content is a social media post as opposed to an ad, but the social media post certainly has tastes of endorsement.

Keep this in mind the next time the Seattle Seahawks try to shove their pricey “Salute to Service” merch down your throat.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. I live 30 miles from Chapel Hill NC which basically is “Seattle w/ Sweet Tea & Grits”. There are numerous “liberal strongholds” across America were this sort of crap would be sanctioned by a corrupt local government. Anyone who doesn’t think we are in a Domestic War is a pure fool.

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