Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Is Very Concerned With Jets WR Chris Garrett, Who Doesn’t Exist

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The Seattle Seahawks seem real concerned with New York Jets rookie receiver Garrett Wilson this weekend.

And by that, I mean defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt thinks his name is Chris Garrett.

Not great!

Garrett Wilson is good despite Zach Wilson

Oh no, coach! Don’t know what happened here, but I’m guessing he combined Saints rookie Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson?

Side note: what a player that would be!

Anyway, Wilson’s had a pretty good rookie season given his terrible QB play, and is just four yards short of 1,000 entering Sunday’s critical game in Seattle. He’s also added over 70 catches and four touchdowns.

Not bad, considering, you know, Zach Wilson.

Did Seahawks coach mix up Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave?
Garrett Wilson (5) and Chris Olave would make a great player! (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)

To be fair to Clint Hurtt here, there’s always the chance he thought Wilson was going to play this week, which would definitely mean he didn’t need to bother learning who the other Wilson was.

Complete waste of time if that was the case.

However, that’s not the case! Jets legend Mike White is back after finally finding a doctor to clear him, and will be slinging the rock come Sunday afternoon.

Buckle up!

Written by Zach Dean

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