Scumbag Is Wanted For Dognapping A Precious One-Month-Old Maltipoo From California Pet Store Owner

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Cops in Bell Gardens, California (it’s Los Angeles) are on the hunt for the piece of garbage human who is responsible for a disgusting dognapping incident where a Maltipoo was ripped from the arms of a pet store owner.

According to Fox LA, pet store owner Rosa Muñoz was watching the puppy for her daughter on the day of the attack and says the scumbag suspect walked in, made sure to put on her mask to stop the spread of COVID and then made her way to the cage where the puppy was relaxing. The woman opened the cage, put the puppy in her arms and that’s when the dognapping was officially on.

Munoz says she tried to go after the scumbag dognapper, but she fell, and broke her hand. The store owner was able to get to her feet and to the side of the building, but that’s where a confrontation occurred.

Get a good look at this woman. She is wanted for the brutal attack on a dog store owner and the dognapping of a one-month-old Maltipoo. / Bell Gardens Police Department

“I said ‘Give me the puppy.’ The puppy is taking medication, and the puppy is only six weeks old, and has diarrhea, and [then] she sprayed me with pepper spray and hit me,” Muñoz told Fox 11.

That’s when this poor lady was attacked and hit with pepper spray.

We’ve told you about how dangerous it is for high-profile dog breeds in California. Remember when Lady Gaga’s dog walker was pumped full of lead — he survived — in a brazen French bulldog dognapping? In August, a 14-year-old boy was out walking his Frenchie in Oakland when men held him at gunpoint until he gave up the dog. In January, a woman in Beverly Hills was the victim of a stickup where two masked men stole her dog.

Thankfully, this adorable Maltipoo puppy IS NOT the one who was stolen in a vicious dognapping attack. / Getty Images

The AKC says there are steps to prevent these career criminals from sticking guns to your heads during these insane robberies.

  1. Microchip that precious puppy.
  2. Don’t tell too many people where you live with that precious puppy. Dirtbags are scouring social media looking for high-value pups.
  3. Equip your house with alarms.
  4. Lock your car doors.

Let me add…carry your own gun where you’re still allowed. Pepper spray these fools that don’t stick guns to your heads. Keep your head on a swivel. Walk in dog groups. Carry AR-15s while walking your Frenchies. Learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu and break arms, snap necks.

Stay safe out there, pet owners.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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