Intriguing Promo Released For Upcoming ‘Scream’ Movie

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Hype continues to build for “Scream 6.”

The legendary horror saga will return to theaters with a new film March 10, and as you’d expect, people are super excited to see Ghostface, once again, start slashing people up.

“Scream 6” will be released in March. (Credit: Scream/Instagram)

The latest horror film in the iconic franchise will see the characters leave Woodsboro and head to New York, where plenty of carnage and chaos will unfold.

Recently, the movie’s official Instagram page dropped a promo outlining Ghostface’s legendary mask with the stops labeled as famous characters from the saga tied to their film as a subway line.

Take a look below and see if you can spot any clues.

If you’re a fan of horror films that aren’t super bloody or absolutely horrifying, “Scream” is the film franchise for you.

In fact, “Scream” blew up initially because it played off a ton of tropes you find in horror movies.

Now, the film will return for a sixth time, and you can guarantee it will put up monster numbers. The 2022 film, which was one of the most fun films of the year, generated $140 million worldwide.

In the modern era of cinema, that’s a hell of a haul. There’s a high chance the sixth film will do the same, especially now that theaters are open and people are flocking back.

Scream promo poster released. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

You can catch “Scream 6” starting March 10. As a fan of the original and all the movies that followed, there’s a 100% chance I’ll be catching it.

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